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YouTube One Channel

YouTube One Channel

Ottima presentazione sulle evoluzioni di YT da studiare per chi è del settore.


May 08, 2013

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  1. Google Confidential and Proprietary Google Confidential and Proprietary YouTube One

    Channel Marianna Ghirlanda Giorgio Ferretti Nicola Roviaro 9 Aprile 2013
  2. Google Confidential and Proprietary

  3. Google Confidential and Proprietary Google Confidential and Proprietary Agenda 1.

    Il redesign di YouTube: il Brand su tutti gli schermi 2. Potenzialità creative dei nuovi Canali 3. Integrazione YouTube e Google+
  4. Google Confidential and Proprietary * 1. Il redesign di YouTube

    Il Brand su tutti gli schermi
  5. Google Confidential and Proprietary 50% of YT views are not

    on Desktop Place Text Here Another 1-in-4 views globally on YouTube happens on a screen 30" or larger. 1-in-4 views globally on YouTube happen on a mobile device or tablet
  6. Google Confidential and Proprietary Multitasking and social are exploding Source:

    Google, UNC Kenan Flagler + YEC, Mashable, ZDNet, Nielsen Net Views 27 times per day People switch between devices 65% update their social profiles daily
  7. Google Confidential and Proprietary

  8. Google Confidential and Proprietary 4x 1x External TV The average

    watch time when a user starts their session with a subscription on YouTube.com is about four times the watch time of a user who starts their session from an external source (e.g., a link shared by a friend) Users Who Subscribe Watch More Subscribe Average Watch Time in Minutes Source: YouTube Internal Data
  9. Google Confidential and Proprietary Users with even just 1 subscription

    are 2X more likely to visit YouTube every day in a 7 day period Subscriptions Likelihood of visiting YouTube every day In a 7-day period 0 1+ Source: YouTube Internal Data Subscribers are Loyal Viewers
  10. Google Confidential and Proprietary * 2. Potenzialità Creative dei nuovi

  11. Google Confidential and Proprietary Core benefits of "One Channel" You

    will have more control over what users see With the Guide on every page, subscribers are only ever 1-click away Channel branding will scale to any screen size Control Proximity Scale Customized welcome Different experiences for subscribed viewers versus unsubscribed viewers Powerful curation Different experiences for subscribed viewers versus unsubscribed viewers Your brand will follow users throughout all of YouTube via the Guide and Hovercards Scale across devices, not pixels Branding elements like Channel Art will scale to mobile devices up through televisions
  12. Google Confidential and Proprietary Control: powerful curation Old: featured tab

    New: home/overview tab Better organization. More content
  13. Google Confidential and Proprietary Control: customized welcome Old: everyone sees

    the same content New: subscribed vs. unsubscribed No chance to show distinct content to newcomers  or  present  your  channel’s  features Frequent visitors don't get a clear display of your latest updates Unsubscribed users can be shown a channel trailer video, which promotes the channel and encourages users to subscribe Subscribed users will not see the trailer, and will see your videos displayed in the way you choose instead (playlists, recent uploads, and all of your latest)
  14. Google Confidential and Proprietary Proximity: new content a click away

    Old: no guide New: guide everywhere ..so we added a Guide on every page to make it easier. Clicks on the Guide bring users to your channel! In the old site design, it was hard for users to find your channel when they were on the  homepage  or  watching  a  video…
  15. Google Confidential and Proprietary Scale: branding across devices Old: channel

    banner & background New: channel art Instead of BG image and Banner, we now have Channel Art, which scales to provide consistency across devices. Background Image Background Image and Channel Banner in the old design only appeared on Desktop, and didn’t  scale  to  fit  other  devices.   Channel Banner Area Desktop Tablet Mobile TV
  16. Google Confidential and Proprietary Scale: branding in video player Old:

    custom image maps in banner New: integration into video player …and  we  integrated  them  into  the  Video   Player in the form of InVideo Programming (Featured Channel and Featured Video) We took the most popular uses of Custom Image Maps to brand the Channel
  17. Google Confidential and Proprietary Scale: gadget flexibility Old: fixed width

    gadgets New: dynamic width gadgets Gadgets re-size  based  on  each  user’s  desktop   screen resolution. Gadgets in the old layout did not re-size to fit different screen resolutions. This is limiting to optimization and scale.
  18. Google Confidential and Proprietary Scale: gadget SSL compliant Old New

    http:// https://
  19. Google Confidential and Proprietary * • Flexible Width o The

    new channels design was built to support responsive design. This means that all Custom Gadgets should be built with flexible width in mind. This means that the gadget should resize depending on the width of the user's browser. o This does not mean that Custom Gadgets will automatically scale to be available off-desktop! • HTML5 o Since Flash is not supported on all devices, doesn't scale nearly as nicely as HTML, and since advertisers will not be able to add flexible height into their gadgets, we recommend very strongly against using Flash, and instead building in HTML5 • SSL o All gadgets will NEED to be SSL compliant by June 19, or the channel's Custom Tab will be removed from YouTube Scale: gadget Must-Knows
  20. Google Confidential and Proprietary * What's Staying the Same? •

    Content and Associated meta-data • Account Settings • Vanity URL / Redirects • Reporting Capabilities
  21. Google Confidential and Proprietary * LIVE EXAMPLES youtube.com/fiatuk youtube.com/dior youtube.com/techproducers

  22. Google Confidential and Proprietary * How can I take advantage

    of the new design?
  23. Google Confidential and Proprietary The must-do list 1 2 3

    4 Associate your website with your channel Set up branding and channel art Introduce your channel in about tab: channel description 5 6 Create/choose your channel trailer Encourage subscribers Take advantage of sections
  24. Google Confidential and Proprietary Available to all channel owners Assists

    with organic search rank on YouTube No whitelisting required for annotations links to verified associated domain Associated website
  25. Google Confidential and Proprietary Sections

  26. Google Confidential and Proprietary Channel art TV (2120x1193) Desktop max

    (2120 x 350) Tablet (1536 x 350) Desktop minimum and mobile (1280 x 350) 2130 px 1192 px Logo safe area This area will be visible on all devices (1280 x 350)
  27. Google Confidential and Proprietary Channel art Set up wizard to

    show you how art will render across screens Several different resolutions stored for fast load times on various devices We serve it = We scale it
  28. Google Confidential and Proprietary Channel description

  29. Google Confidential and Proprietary Channel trailer

  30. Google Confidential and Proprietary TV Users who subscribe watch more

    of your content 2x 1x Unsubscribed TV Subscribed Average watch time of channel content in minutes When subscribers view your content, they watch for twice as long as users who watch your content but are not subscribed to your channel. Source: YouTube Internal Data
  31. Google Confidential and Proprietary * How can I be a

  32. Google Confidential and Proprietary Be a Pro • Actively manage

    your own YouTube Channel • Download YouTube Capture (iPhone) and/or YouTube Apps (iPhone & Android) and use them in meetings—show,  don’t  tell, how easy it is to make quality online video • From the Viral Video Manifesto (http://viralvideomanifesto.com/): • Be True • Don’t  Waste  My  Time • Be Unforgettable • It’s  All  About  Humanity • Use YouTube Analytics Traffic Sources, Embedded Playback Locations and Audience retention data to give your audience more of what they want
  33. Google Confidential and Proprietary Be a Pro Tips to get

    the most of your Channel Activity 1. PROMOTE YOUR CHANNEL: • CALL TO ACTION (Trailer Video) • END CARDS • INVIDEO PROGRAMMING 2. PLAYLIST ARE KEY TO YOUR VIDEO STRATEGY • Increase WATCH TIME • Playlist NOTES • The INTERSTITIAL Creator Tool • Set  the  “IN”  and  “OUT”   3. CHANNEL’s  FEED: • A direct communication with Subscribers • Feed to Subscribers at every Video/social action you take into the Community in the FEED section
  34. Google Confidential and Proprietary Maximize Discoverability

  35. Google Confidential and Proprietary Instavid with "Enhancements"

  36. Google Confidential and Proprietary Overlay Audio !!!

  37. Google Confidential and Proprietary CONFIDENTIAL GOOGLE PROPERTY Annotations

  38. Google Confidential and Proprietary Standard Annotations • Variety of shapes,

    sizes, colors, font sizes and font colors • May be clickable, with destinations on YouTube (videos, playlists, channels, etc.) • Start and end time may be indicated to determine duration
  39. Google Confidential and Proprietary InVideo Programming • Feature your channel

    avatar and/or a video across all of the videos for your channel • Images are translucent, then become full color upon hover • Clicking on featured channel annotation directs users to your channel • Clicking on featured video annotation directs users to the video’s  watch  page
  40. Google Confidential and Proprietary External Annotations • Leverage standard annotation

    design, but add a click target to a website of your choosing • Requires whitelisting and acceptance of Beta Terms • External sites must comply with YouTube and AdWords advertising policies
  41. Google Confidential and Proprietary Annotations on Ads • Leverage any

    annotation formats to drive a variety of in-stream ad responses • Requires whitelisting and acceptance of Beta Terms • External sites must comply with YouTube and AdWords advertising policies
  42. Google Confidential and Proprietary Annotations on Ads DO add annotations

    to ads if you desire multiple click targets Though CTR is lower, you can get more varied and specific with your click targets via annotations. Each annotation may have a unique landing page, giving more options for customers to express refined intent. Tip: Set the Annotation to run for the whole video duration so that you have a video click target for the entire ad play. Ad without annotations Ad with annotations = click targets that link to destination URL
  43. Google Confidential and Proprietary * 3. Integrazione YouTube e Google+

  44. Google Confidential and Proprietary An Integrated Google Experience: Single Identity

    Across YT & Google+ • The effort to encourage single identities across YouTube & Google+ is part of Google's longstanding effort to provide a simple, unified, beautiful experience for users, partners and advertisers • Integrated identities will empower brands to project a more unified presence, amplify the social reach of their YouTube activities, and enjoy a more streamlined Google experience • 40% of active users have linked their YouTube and Google+ profiles • Integration is coming soon for partners and advertisers: beta testing underway
  45. Google Confidential and Proprietary Integrated Identity Example: Bruno Mars Channel:

    youtube.com/brunomars; Google+: plus.google.com/brunomars • Shared avatar between G+/YT • Display name set on G+ (note spaces) • G+ badge and link to Page • Special features for merged channels • Shared avatar between G+/YT • YouTube tab with latest Channel videos • Special features for merged Pages
  46. Google Confidential and Proprietary Benefits of Integrated Identities Amplify Unify

    Simplify Amplify the reach of your video assets Auto-integrate Channel videos  into  “YouTube”  tab   on Google+ Page. Auto-post YouTube uploads directly to Google+ Stream (and submit custom post text and schedule the post). Unify brand identity across YouTube and Google+; easier discovery in search Show Google+ Page on your Channel; surface Channel videos on your Google+ Page. Annotation links off to merged Google+ Page. Enjoy a streamlined Google experience Verified identities on YouTube (via check mark). Simplified login (one email & password); 50 mangers/ channel; manage up to 50 Channels/manager Private sharing to circles (vs. past cap of 50 users) Brands with integrated identities will project a more unified presence to users, amplify the social reach of their YouTube activities, and enjoy a more streamlined Google experience
  47. Google Confidential and Proprietary youtube.com/onechannel youtube.com/creators youtube.com/advertise www.richmediagallery.com/ THANKS !