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Responsive Design Patterns

Responsive Design Patterns

A talk given at @_skillswap as part of their Responsive Web Design programme. This talk covered one approach to building a responsive website, how to include the whole spectrum of project participants, and making the project a success for users as well as the client.

Pete Fairhurst

June 11, 2013

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  1. #skillsponsive @markedup Responsive Design Patterns “Ensure project scoping happens collaboratively,

    with as many stake holders and project contributors as possible.”
  2. #skillsponsive @markedup Responsive Design Patterns “Every website’s primary goal should

    be to share information as effectively and widely as possible.”
  3. #skillsponsive @markedup Responsive Design Patterns Start Coding Set up different

    content types Identify common features Meaningful markup above all else
  4. #skillsponsive @markedup Responsive Design Patterns Real Content Keeps whole project

    team engaged Reveals problems sooner Improve content and user experiences