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November 09, 2018



Mary Baum

November 09, 2018


  1. What does conversion even mean?

  2. Who gets converted?

  3. The desperate. Now, I’m not knocking the desperate. As one

    of the great spiritual teachers I’ve known told a group of us, if you knew the problems of your worst enemy you would kiss hist feet. Course, then there was the other great teacher in my life, my son
  4. The disappointed. Yeah. I was hoping there’d be cherries longer

    in August too. And the melons in the midwest …
  5. And our users. That’s the great thing about this age

    we live in, where we’re all publishers and the managers of our own media property. Now our customer service starts even before the sale! Course, it always did.
  6. John Carlton.

  7. Two views. Wealth Looks Pain relief Freedom from drudgery Secrets

    Of the experts Of the successful That they’re keeping from you
  8. “An immovable blob …”

  9. “Locked out of the Party of Life.” — John Carlton

  10. Lies clients tell:

  11. “We just need to get the word out!”

  12. Nobody gives 
 a flying flamingo.

  13. Not one. About Our products. Our company. Our brand. Our

  14. We only care about five things. Our families. Our finances.

    Our fun. Our future.
  15. Our frustration.

  16. The one thing we need 
 to get past a

  17. Yeah. More likely this for us.

  18. Mission:

  19. Conversion is part of a process. Attract Engage Convert Retain

  20. Design is part of the process, too.

  21. What it’s NOT.

  22. Buy NOWWW!!! Nope. don’t just throw in a shot of

    a baby and a giant Buy button. Especially since there’s new data out about faces.
  23. None
  24. 314.609.7844

  25. Design tweaks: 
 buttons and forms.

  26. Or an ugly landing page.

  27. So. What IS designing for conversion?

  28. Attract.

  29. Dog-whistle 

  30. Are you my kind of folks? Do you know your

    stuff? Stanford study on health-care sites: design = credibility Are you going to be around a while? Are you on my side? Do you know your stuff? Stanford study on health-care sites: design = credibility Are you going to be around a while? Are you on my side?
  31. Can I trust you? For users over 70: phone number

    Physical address Team pics, bios
  32. Am I in the right place? Clear navigation Related products

    Labels and instructions
  33. Engage.

  34. Shoot real people, 
 products, events.

  35. Make ideas 

  36. Places & processes, too.

  37. Type, graphics, grids: Do you care more about me or

  38. Can I: find what I want? see what to do?

    read the damn type? A site is a product, too.
  39. A day or so later, I remembered she has an

    antique monitor, so her pixels are maybe twice the size of mine — probably yours, too!
  40. Can I do it on my phone?

  41. There’s a difference between responsive design

  42. And mobile-first.

  43. Retain

  44. Is it easy to:

  45. Am I part of the tribe?

  46. Convert: When design supports copy.

  47. Three critical components: 1. Typography 2. Typography. 3. Typography.

  48. Graphic tricks that help.

  49. Buttons: Colors contrast with the rest of the page. Call

    to action gets the benefit. Sign up for class! Level up your skills. 
 And your salary!
  50. Forms. Field labels big enough to read. Tall enough to

    type, with room to spare.
  51. Plus. More and bigger images than we think. Big type

    - 20px is fine for body copy. Also, the measure. p {max-width: 55ch;}
  52. The objective. Get our user to: See themselves in the

    story. Want the result. Believe this is the way.
  53. And join the tribe.

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