My favorite design tool ... is a browser.

Ad96ace475ab89952489d5a2454d97da?s=47 Mary Baum
April 07, 2019

My favorite design tool ... is a browser.

I don’t want to say I’m old, but copiers were high-tech when I was in school. And I swore I'd never get stuck in an era as the years went by.

So I’ve tried all the new design tools! (Mostly). I’m a big fan of thumbnail sketches.

And I’ll do some sample layouts in Photoshop or XD or Affinity.

But as soon as I can, I head for the browser.

For a reality check? Sure.

But there’s also a heap of serendipity in them dev tools!

— For my vet, I stumbled on great typography just by hitting the Up and Down keys and seeing where they take me.
—Gutenberg and some new options in the Genesis Framework are making it easier than ever to build without thinking much about templates (the php kind).
— And you can hook your code editor right up to Chrome and see your changes (Local changes, of course!) come to life in real time!

So come take a look! If you love CSS like I love CSS, you’ll love designing elements and posts and pages — even entire sites — right in the browser!


Mary Baum

April 07, 2019