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W3C Permissions Workshop - 2022-12-05

W3C Permissions Workshop - 2022-12-05

Intro to the W3C Permissions Workshop in December 2022: https://www.w3.org/Privacy/permissions-ws-2022/schedule.

Mike West

December 05, 2022

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  1. A Collection of
    Interesting Ideas
    Mike West
    W3C Permissions Workshop - 2022-12-05

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  5. Ensure user safety and
    comprehension on a web
    with powerful capabilities

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  7. Can we grab some
    low-hanging fruit?

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  8. What questions can users
    When will users be best able
    to answer those questions?

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  9. Should every site be
    able to make use of
    every capability?

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  10. What should browsers learn from each
    other? From platforms? From academia?

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