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Flow in Reactive World

Flow in Reactive World

In this talk, Himanshu and I have explained the amazing things you can do with Flow. We have covered how with coroutines it can be a complete replacement of RxJava. Also, we will learn how to migrate from RxJava 1/2 to Coroutines + flow.

This session is broken down into the following parts,

1. What is Flow?
2. Architecture of Flow.
3. How to build flow?
4. How to convert a few android operations in Flow?
5. Replacing your RxJava code to Coroutines + Flow.
6. Testing with Flow.
7. What we can achieve with Flow and a few practical use cases of using Flow like, Networking, Db Queries, etc.

Niharika Arora

January 19, 2021

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