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Ignite: Open Roadmaps for Your Open Communities

Ignite: Open Roadmaps for Your Open Communities

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Oleg Nenashev

April 16, 2024



  1. Open Roadmaps for YOUR Open Communities Oleg Nenashev @oleg_nenashev *

    Not a success story, but you may have one CD Foundation
  2. Growth challenges • Silos / sub-communities • Lack of transparency

    and focus • Hard to get enough contributors behind big initiatives • Hard to join initiatives
  3. The public roadmap helped… • Contributor Onboarding Flow • Google

    Summer of Code and self-funded internships • Many features and extensions • Some publicity
  4. github.com/jenkins-infra/jenkins.io/ commits/master/content/_data/roa dmap/roadmap.yml But we didn’t achieve the main goals

    We didn’t attract many contributor companies The Jenkins Roadmap is stale and misleading * and this is nobody’s fault
  5. Challenges we experienced 1. Bus factor 2. Inconsistencies 3. Stalled

    progress 4. Roadmap bloat 5. Off-roadmap initiatives Source: impactplus.com/blog/7-cant-miss-ways-to-overcome-any-creative-roadblock
  6. 1. Define Target Audience • End users • End user

    companies • Community Contributors • Downstream projects/communities • Vendors
  7. 2. Set Guiding Principles • Community-driven • Open and transparent

    process • No commitment on delivery github.com/jenkinsci/jep/tree/master/jep/14
  8. 3. Set Timeline • Dates/quarters are good for consumers •

    It’s rarely good for a community-driven project • NEVER commit on dates
  9. 4. Make it easy to read • Clear summaries and

    status • Getting started for each roadmap initiative • Invite initiatives to join SIGs and sub-projects • References and milestones github.com/gradle/gradle/issues/28337 Example:
  10. 5. Include Community Initiatives • Developer tools and services •

    Onboarding and outreach programs • Open Governance • Community Events • Outreach Programs Roadmap is NOT just about features!
  11. 6. Ensure roadmap is a source of truth • Regular

    roadmap review • Roadmap is not your backlog • Removing stale/obsolete things is fine Image source: eu.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/wayne/2019/ 02/22/hamtramck-pothole-car-stuck/2948865002/
  12. 7. Avoid Roadmap Bloat • Policy on number of items

    per category • Categories / Labels • Custom Views • Filters Image source: thrillist.com/cars/nation/the-worst -interstate-systems-in-america-wa shington-dc-new-orleans-houston
  13. 8. Do NOT do it alone It is not enough

    to have one champion of the roadmap “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me”.gif Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHZBMjnF6-4
  14. What could one do in 2023? • K.I.S.S. • Use

    your social coding platform • Reuse issue tracker items • Avoid duplication • Avoid -as-code, use WYSIWIG Source: knowyourmeme.com/photos/ 2401265-wholesome-memes
  15. • Roadmaps coordinate effort • Roadmaps share vision • Roadmaps

    != schedules • Roadmaps need maintenance What we learned
  16. Takeaways • Public roadmap may help • Keep it simple

    • Ensure sustainability of your community… and the roadmap • Consider your social coding platform by default