Cyber-Espionage in the Middle East: Unravelling OSX.WindTail

Cyber-Espionage in the Middle East: Unravelling OSX.WindTail

It's no secret that many nation-states possess offensive macOS cyber capabilities, though such capabilities are rarely publicly uncovered. However, when such tools are detected, they provide unparalleled insight into the operations and techniques utilized by advanced adversaries. In this talk, we'll comprehensively dissect one such tool: the first-stage macOS implant utilized by the WINDSHIFT APT group (who targeted individuals of a certain Middle-Eastern government). After analyzing the malware's unique infection vector, we'll discuss its method of persistence, and capabilities. To conclude, we'll present heuristic methods of detection that can generically detect this, as well as other advanced macOS threats.


patrick wardle

October 03, 2019