Finding open access research articles

Finding open access research articles

A cursory comparison of 4 search tools, based on this blog post: Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.


Peter Desmet

August 12, 2013


  1. Finding  open  access   research  ar/cles   A  cursory  comparison

     of  4  search  tools   Peter  Desmet  
  2. Google  Scholar     OA  indicated  in  the

     search  results  
  3. ScienceDirect     OA  indicated  in  the  search

  4. PubMed  Central     Search  with  “open  access”[Filter]

  5. Directory  of  open     access  journals  

      Searches  in  open  access  journals  only  
  6. Based  on:­‐3.html   This  presenta/on  is  licensed  under:

      Crea/ve  Commons  ANribu/on   Peter  Desmet   Psst, Speacker Deck, it would be nice if I could indicate the license in the metadata of the presentation.