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rkt - KubeCon EU keynote - 2017

Brandon Philips
March 29, 2017

rkt - KubeCon EU keynote - 2017

rkt is joining CNCF! Checkout rkt.io

Brandon Philips

March 29, 2017


  1. a pod-native container engine rkt (stage0) pod (stage1) systemd-nspawn/qemu/... Invoking

    process bash/systemd/kubelet/... app1 (stage2) systemd.unit/runc app2 (stage2) systemd.unit/runc exec() fork()/exec()
  2. a pod-native container engine What does this mean? Simple integration.

    kubernetes mesos nomad systemd shell scripts
  3. a pod-native container engine 180 contributors CoreOS, Kinvolk, Intel 25

    Releases fortnightly cadence 6,800 ’s 5,200 commits 2,200 merged PRs on GitHub
  4. & Container execution is a core part of cloud-native! A

    neutral, respected home for the project
  5. a pod-native container engine Runs on any Linux Arch, CentOS,

    RHEL, CoreOS Container Linux, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, NixOS, openSUSE, Ubuntu, Void
  6. & Please join the rkt community! rkt.io Check out the

    rkt salon tomorrow at 3:40 PM - 5:00 PM in room A 08 Continue the rkt conversation at CoreOS Fest San Francisco, May 31-June 1: coreos.com/fest