Smaller is always better - RubyConf Thailand

8ec1383b240b5ba15ffb9743fceb3c0e?s=47 Phil Nash
September 07, 2019

Smaller is always better - RubyConf Thailand

Gzipping content has long been a best practice when serving text based files over the web. Turn on gzip compression in your web server, your users download smaller files quicker and everyone is happy, right?

That's what I thought as I went to tune my personal site over the holiday and I ended up writing 3 new gems and learning a whole bunch about the compression options available to us today. So join me on a journey to smaller and smaller files, discover how to tune your applications and find out how I ended up fighting a CDN over 1kB.


How to Gzip a file in Ruby:



Phil Nash

September 07, 2019