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The trouble with webhooks - at APIdays Singapore

Phil Nash
August 19, 2020

The trouble with webhooks - at APIdays Singapore

Webhooks are a core part of the way developers interact with the Twilio API but can be the hardest to work with when learning the platform. Discover the many ways the Twilio team has tried to improve the experience, from documentation, tooling and serverless functions, all the way to building and releasing a video game.



TwilioQuest: https://www.twilio.com/quest
Twilio CLI and open source projects: https://github.com/twilio-labs

Phil Nash

August 19, 2020

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  2. Phil Nash @philnash https://philna.sh [email protected]

  3. WHAT IS A WEBHOOK? @philnash

  4. What is a webhook? “User defined HTTP callbacks” POST /webhook

    HTTP/1.1 Host: www.yourwebsite.com @philnash
  5. Who uses webhooks? Twilio, SendGrid, Stripe, GitHub, DropBox, Auth0, Slack...

  6. WHAT'S THE TROUBLE? @philnash

  7. HOW DO I TEST THIS? @philnash

  8. How do I test this? Online: RequestBin, PostBin Tunnels: ngrok,

    localtunnel Deploy and test in production @philnash
  9. WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT? @philnash

  10. DOCUMENTATION @philnash

  11. TWIMLETS @philnash

  12. @philnash

  13. TWIMLBINS @philnash

  14. @philnash

  15. SERVERLESS @philnash

  16. @philnash

  17. STUDIO @philnash

  18. @philnash

  19. TWILIOQUEST @philnash

  20. @philnash

  21. @philnash

  22. @philnash

  23. SERVERLESS TOOLKIT @philnash

  24. Serverless Toolkit twilio-run create-twilio-function function-templates @philnash

  25. TWILIO CLI @philnash

  26. Twilio CLI $ npm install -g twilio-cli # brew install

    twilio-cli $ twilio api:core:messages:list $ twilio debugger:logs:list @philnash
  27. TWILIO CLI PLUGINS! @philnash

  28. Twilio CLI $ twilio serverless:init new-project $ twilio serverless:start --ngrok=""

    $ twilio serverless:deploy @philnash

  30. Attack on multiple fronts Simple applications: Twimlets & TwiMLBins Education:

    TwilioQuest Non developers: Studio Dev environment: Serverless Toolkit & Twilio CLI @philnash
  31. Interested? Play TwilioQuest: twilio.com/quest Open source projects: github.com/twilio-labs @philnash

  32. Thanks! @philnash https://philna.sh [email protected]