Erlang and Akka Actors: A story of tradeoffs

B21f6d247eadb8d1085f54511ac0bbcb?s=47 Pranav Rao
November 17, 2017

Erlang and Akka Actors: A story of tradeoffs

The Actor model has long been known to be great at modeling concurrent and parallel problems in a declarative, safe way. The challenge has always been the cost of this abstraction - implementing cheap message passing over a shared-nothing memory architecture while ensuring fairness is a tough ask.

In this talk I shall go over how BEAM, with it's three decades of esoteric telecom engineering differs from Akka actors implemented over the JVM, arguably the most invested general purpose VM in existence today.

Along the way, we shall discover how design decisions affect performance at each step of a program's execution - from a global/per-process heap affecting GC latencies and throughput to preemptive scheduling improving long tail latencies.


Pranav Rao

November 17, 2017