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Bath City Parking Reporter (Bath: Hacked 2014)

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March 23, 2014

Bath City Parking Reporter (Bath: Hacked 2014)

Attempting to crowdsource realtime parking data. We built an iOS and a realtime dashboard for car parking in the city of Bath.




March 23, 2014

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  1. Bath City Parking Reporter ! Attempting to crowdsource realtime parking

    data ! @nickj89 / @reddavis
  2. Parking in Bath is not easy.

  3. We built an iPhone app that helps people find places

    to park.
  4. The colour of the top bar is a visual indicator

    of how busy the car park is, based on recent reports.
  5. The state of the car park can be easily reported.

  6. City wide, traffic related, events are communicated to the user.

  7. And directions are accessed by tapping the map.

  8. A realtime companion website was developed as a component of

    the proof of concept.
  9. Getting Reliable Information • Crowdsourcing car parking information might not

    actually work. • Bring council staff onboard to reliably collect the information.
  10. System Benefits • Could lower congestion by directing people straight

    to a parking destination. • Give BANES additional data to improve city traffic flow. • Communicate to tourists and residents about traffic affecting issues.
  11. Future Roadmap • Take this idea and apply it to

    residential permits. • Stop replying on crowdsourcing and add sensors for realtime data. • Use historic data to predict busy days for early commuter warnings.
  12. https://bathhacked- parking.herokuapp.com