Bath City Parking Reporter (Bath: Hacked 2014)

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March 23, 2014

Bath City Parking Reporter (Bath: Hacked 2014)

Attempting to crowdsource realtime parking data. We built an iOS and a realtime dashboard for car parking in the city of Bath.



March 23, 2014


  1. 4.

    The colour of the top bar is a visual indicator

    of how busy the car park is, based on recent reports.
  2. 9.

    Getting Reliable Information • Crowdsourcing car parking information might not

    actually work. • Bring council staff onboard to reliably collect the information.
  3. 10.

    System Benefits • Could lower congestion by directing people straight

    to a parking destination. • Give BANES additional data to improve city traffic flow. • Communicate to tourists and residents about traffic affecting issues.
  4. 11.

    Future Roadmap • Take this idea and apply it to

    residential permits. • Stop replying on crowdsourcing and add sensors for realtime data. • Use historic data to predict busy days for early commuter warnings.