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Food hacking

Rachel Andrew
October 06, 2015

Food hacking

A quick talk for the lunchtime life hacks theme at FOWA.

Rachel Andrew

October 06, 2015


  1. GET TOOLED UP Get a decent knife. It won’t be

    super cheap but it will last a lifetime if looked after well.
  2. PANS > a small saucepan > a pan with a

    lid > a decent frying pan > a wok
  3. TINS / TRAYS > a tin you can roast stuff

    in > a flat ‘baking tray’
  4. TIP 1: LEARN TO CUT STUFF UP You can halve

    your prep time by learning some knife skills.
  5. TIP 2: YOU CAN STEAM MOST VEG Depends on the

    veg and whether you like it crunchy or soft but anywhere between 10 and 25 minutes in a steamer. Done. Lovely.
  6. EASY MEALS A source of protein + a big pile

    of veg. The more colourful your meal the better.
  7. WASH AND CHOP UP > broccoli > brussels sprouts >

    carrot > beans > corn on the cob
  8. GET YOUR PROTEIN > A chicken breast > Pork, lamb

    or beef steak > Halloumi > Tofu or Quorn > Tuna, salmon or other fish
  9. COOK > Bit of salt and pepper > Get your

    pan hot, give it a spray with some olive oil > Turn on the steamer > Cook your meat/fish/halloumi
  10. TIP 3: WHAT YOU DON’T STEAM YOU ROAST Roasting makes

    everything delicious. > Roast cauliflower > Roast sweet potato > Roast brussels sprouts > Carrot ‘chips’, courgette ‘chips’
  11. GET EVERYTHING READY IN ADVANCE > any veg you like

    cut up small > garlic, ginger, spring onion, chilli > cashew nuts > chicken / beef / salmon / tofu etc. > soy sauce
  12. CHEAT You can buy jars of “lazy” ginger, chilli and

    garlic. You can buy frozen ginger, chilli and garlic You can buy ready prepared stir fry veg.
  13. COOK 1. Get the wok nice and hot. Add a

    little oil. 2. Chuck in the ginger, chilli, garlic, spring onion 3. Stir like mad for a minute or two 4. If using meat add it, get it brown, chuck onto a plate 5. Put in the rest of the veg 6. Add a little soy sauce and cover the pan 7.When the veg is almost soft enough put back in the meat and cook till done.