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Unpublished writings

November 06, 2011

Unpublished writings


November 06, 2011


  1. Disgust • A story about a boy and the way

    his wife looks at him • He is a boy, although looks to be a man. – You do not have to go very deep under the surface before you discover how looks can be deceiving • Deceit is a trait you won't find in this person – As boys go, he is fairly naive and innocent, although signs of mischief do surface from time to time
  2. Tips to get ahead in the real world • Some

    Chapters: – Don't Defend Yourself – If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all – Humility can diffuse any argument / Don't be slow to say sorry – Assess your body language – Wash well, dress well, and don't rub anyone else's nose in it • Dedicated section on running a healthy business
  3. Age of Altruism • Northern Federal Republic • Bloodless coup

    - removing politics and leaving decision making with locals • Central Government for initiatives where there is benefit in cost, efficiencies and need for central organisation • Removing bureaucracy so that taxes can be reduced and redirected to core services • Gaps in welfare to be discussed and bridged by combinations of agreed local and central services to eliminate overlap, wastage and confusion • Simplicity in public services so that databases and services are useful rather than customarily funded • Governments redistribute funds to build monuments, support arts, science, innovation • Instead, keep more money private and the leadership provide coordinated "direction" so that private enterprise builds and innovates
  4. A violent script • Synopsis of beginning: – Enters into

    house, slaughters everyone, leaves – Police attending the scene find plans and equipment to raid a secret treasure – In a remote part of the world, he returns to guard the treasure – Story goes back to him infiltrating gangs and homes, gaining trust of treasure hunters and making sure they never set out for their bounty. – He out thinks and brutalises all that come for the treasure.
  5. Poem: I don’t want my house messy I don't want

    my house messy Because my wife gets pissy Please take your shoes off at the door So we may forever have a clean floor You will be fed food that is a delight And I'll wash dishes to avoid a fight It's all phat in my flat, As long as I take off my shoes and hat We cover the walls with homemade canvas, And get paint all over the flat and us. We buy crap to decorate the place, So Sofi can show off to her mates. She masterminded a theme of black and white, And now our home is a beautiful sight. "Don't embarass me!" she shouts, But I can't help but fuel her doubts, Because, you see, I love her beyond all reason, And all I want is her to notice me.
  6. Evens • A world where the law of probability is

    the law • Calculations determine consumption, production and the basics of who gets what
  7. The Invisible World • Book 1 - I See Nothing

    • Book 2 - Pre-Birth • Book 3 - Pre-Death – world of ghosts – cannot interact with people, see everything – what do ghosts do – the process of dying and being born – significance of names, genetics, environment (place where born - who was around, energy in the location) – positive and negative energies - what they attract – create rules and ecosystems for this invisible world – first book mentions but does not explain pre-birth – second book mentions but does not explain pre-death – third book mentions but does not explain post-death and "Seeing nothing" • Ending - Question of Post Death
  8. Don’t be a hero Starts with a daydream - action

    sequences, on the run, high adrenaline, hearting pumping intensity, confidence boosting moves, tries to make an impossible jump, just makes it, loses balance slightly and teeters backwards into an oncoming train... snaps out of daydream Then it happens for real