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10 Practical Project Management Tips in (Just About) 10 Minutes

Reaktiv Studios
November 01, 2019

10 Practical Project Management Tips in (Just About) 10 Minutes

Reaktiv Studios

November 01, 2019


  1. Chris Ford Project Manager, Reaktiv Studios Graduated Design School 1996

    HTML Site Builder 1996-2001 I worked at a skateboard company and three web design agencies building sites from scratch. We’re talking tables, frames, font tags, and GIF 89a animations. The Flash Era 1999-2005 From a virtual art gallery for what became Wynn Hotels to a Gateway Computers microsite I used Actionscript to make buttons sing and dance. Dotcom Crash Freelancer 2002-2005 When the excess of in-office foosball tables and free soda and beer came crashing down it seemed like a good idea to freelance since there were no jobs, Thus began my work-at-home career. Scrapbooking Detour 2005-2007 In a complete 180 I moved from web design to print as an art director for a series of idea books as well as a digital scrapbooking magazine.
  2. Chris Ford Project Manager, Reaktiv Studios Genesis Theme Designer 2010-2013

    As a sideline I started designing sites for photographers and scrapbooking companies. A client requested a theme from Revolution Themes, which eventually became StudioPress. That led to designing the first theme for crafters and mommy bloggers. Freelance WP Designer After Genesis updated to version 2.0 I decided to retire my themes and focus on client sites. I designed sites for companies like Aesop Story Engine and XXX. Project Manager 2015-2019 In 2015 I made another 180 when I became a project manager at Crowd Favorite. I’ve been a PM at Reaktiv Studios for a little over 2 years now, where I apply my design and UX background to designing projects and processes. 2008-2017
  3. Thanks for your time! I’m happy to talk after this—hit

    me up in the Hallway Track. You can find slides for this talk at speakerdeck.com/reaktivstudios/10-practical-pm-tips Chris Ford, Project Manager