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Applying quality and test automation in the world of technology

Applying quality and test automation in the world of technology

I'm going to talking about software testing and show a little bit examples about automation test and your principles.


Guilherme Rogatto

April 28, 2020

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  1. Applying quality and test automation in the world of technology

  2. 1 ❖ Graduated in Computer Engineering from Policamp ❖ Working

    at Sensedia with Quality Assurance ❖ Training people for automation tests in Web and APIs at ACert
  3. 1 Quality and Test Software We can define quality assurance

    as all the processes and activities that control and give to us the real results about your software (sometimes good, sometimes bad). Software tests are only one more activity in the quality assurance scope.
  4. Interface and acceptance test Cost Time Integration and service test

    Unit test Pyramid of testing and our layers high slow high slow
  5. 1 Type of test Functional Test Not Functional Test They

    are tests about the correct behavior and business of our software. They are test about other characteristics of our software, like performance and security tests.
  6. Automated test? why? what are the benefits?

  7. 1

  8. Automation and regression test With automation test and regression we

    can have a fast validation and feedback about how our app is. We don't lose time validating the old features manually
  9. 1 Most used languages to work with automation test Most

    used languages: • Java • Python • Ruby • JavaScript - NodeJS • Go
  10. None
  11. 1 Not functional test with performance test Let's go assure,

    monitor and "strafe" the performance of our API!
  12. 1 Continue Delivery and Integration After your automation test, is

    there a necessity to put it into the pipeline of CI/CD?
  13. 1 The future of technology for testers Microservices APIs Containers

    Cloud Device Farm
  14. Questions?

  15. Guilherme Rogatto guilherme.rogatto@sensedia.com /guilherme-rogatto /Rogatto Thanks alot!