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Intro to Mobile Testing on Sauce

Intro to Mobile Testing on Sauce

In part 1 of this two part series, we show you how to automatically cross-browser test your mobile apps on Sauce with Appium, an open source testing framework for iOs and Android apps.


Sauce Labs

August 16, 2013

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  1. Jonathan Lipps Sr Developer | @jlipps | @saucelabs Mobile Testing

    on Sauce: Part 1 (8/14/2013) Promo code: mobilewebinar1 1,000 free testing minutes
  2. Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Sauce Labs Intro

    Appium Intro Writing Appium Tests Appium on Sauce demo Case study: Aquent Q & A
  3. Sauce Labs is a testing platform used by thousands to

    securely test mobile and web apps.
  4. Sauce Labs replaces the need to buy, install and maintain

    VMs for testing. Test and deploy with ease.
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  11. None
  12. http://saucelabs.com/mobile

  13. Appium is the open-source, cross- platform solution for native and

    hybrid mobile automation
  14. http://appium.io

  15. iOS Android calabash-ios Frank UIAutomation ios-driver KeepItFunctional calabash-android MonkeyTalk Robotium

    UiAutomator selendroid
  16. Open-source Simulators Real devices Native apps Hybrid apps Mobile Web

    Robot-controlled Sauce Simulators Real devices Native apps Hybrid apps Mobile Web Robot-controlled
  17. The Appium philosophy Test the same app you submit to

    the marketplace Write your tests in any language, using any framework Use a standard automation speci cation and API Build a large and thriving open-source community effort R1. R2. R3. R4.
  18. Appium has the same client / server architecture and uses

    the same protocol as Selenium
  19. The Appium orchestra Apple Instruments and UIAutomation for iOS Google

    UiAutomator for Android (4.2.1 & up) Selendroid for older Android & Hybrid Selenium WebDriver Interface
  20. None
  21. Test Setup

  22. Test Setup

  23. Sending your apps to Sauce Host the app on the

    web Use the Sauce Storage API https://saucelabs.com/docs/rest#storage 1. 2.
  24. Test Logic

  25. Locator Strategies

  26. Demo

  27. Case Study

  28. https://github.com/appium/appium/ tree/master/sample-code

  29. http://saucelabs.com/mobile

  30. Come back next month for part two of the series.

    Topics include: Android, webviews, & more! September 19, 2013
  31. Questions? @saucelabs | @appiumdevs | @jlipps Promo code: mobilewebinar1 1,000

    free testing minutes
  32. Thanks! @saucelabs | @appiumdevs | @jlipps Promo code: mobilewebinar1 1,000

    free testing minutes We’re hiring! http://saucelabs.com/careers