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Cloud Computing Expo 2012

Cloud Computing Expo 2012

Real-world Story: Mission-Critical Workloads Delivered on Apache CloudStack. The Schuberg Philis choices of technology.

Schuberg Philis

November 07, 2012

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  1. Sameer Dholakia
    Citrix, Group VP & GM, Cloud Platforms
    Arjan Eriks
    Schuberg Philis, Customer Operations Manager

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  2. • 110+ vendors in ecosystem
    • 35,000 community members
    • 350+ contributors, <1/3 Citrix
    • 130+ clouds in production
    • >500 new clouds per month

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  3. • First Community Developed Software Release under
    • CloudStack leadership beyond Citrix - Chip Childers
    (Sunguard), Jon Kinsella (Tier 3), Wido den Hollander
    (PCExtreme), Hugo Trippaers (Schuberg Philis)
    • Thriving ecosystem of contributions and integrations:
    • Juniper
    • Nicira/VMware
    • Basho/Riak
    • Ceph/Inktank
    • Puppet/PuppetLabs
    • Many, many more

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  4. • Inter-VLAN Routing (VPC)
    • Site-to-Site VPN
    • Local Storage Support for Data Volumes
    • Virtual Resource Tagging
    • Secure Console Access on XenServer
    • Ability to create a VM without immediately starting it (via API)
    • Upload an Existing Volume to a Virtual Machine
    • Dedicated High-Availability Hosts
    • Integrated Support for Amazon Web Services API (formerly a
    separate package)
    • AWS API Extensions to include Tagging
    • Support for Nicira NVP (L2)
    • Ceph RBD Support for KVM
    • Support for Caringo as Secondary Storage
    • KVM Hypervisor support upgraded to work with Ubuntu 12.04
    and RHEL 6.3

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  6. Shannon Williams
    Vice President Market Development, Cloud Platforms
    Tuesday, November 6, 12:45-1:30 p.m.
    Grand Ballroom

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  8. Cloud Workloads
    Traditional Workload
    Reliable hardware, backup entire
    cloud, and restore for users when
    failure happens
    Distributed Workload
    Tell users to expect failure.
    Users to build apps that can
    withstand infrastructure failure
    Both types of workloads must run reliably in the cloud

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