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Jon Yablonski


Multidisciplinary designer, speaker, writer, and digital creator based in Detroit. Currently working on the next gene...

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Morgane Peng


A design director blending user experience with business strategy in the financial space 🎨✨
Also an illustrator, ran...

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Geoffrey Crofte


Hey! I'm a french webdesigner living in the city of Luxembourg. Specialized in front-end development, UX, UI and acce...

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Joseph Mastey


I teach companies to build fantastic internal learning culture. I also hack with ruby on rails as often as possible.

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Monica Dinculescu


I've never met a pizza I didn't like.

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Erika Heidi


I like to create, write, and build stuff. Passionate about open source, devOps, PHP, and community <3

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Phil Nash


Phil is a developer evangelist for Twilio living and working in London. He's been writing HTML since the &lt;font&gt;...

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Lara Hogan


Engineering Leadership Coach and Trainer

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