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MapStore, a year in review FOSS4G 2022 edition

MapStore, a year in review FOSS4G 2022 edition

This presentation will give the audience an extensive overview of the MapStore functionalities for the creation of mapping portals, covering both previous work as well work for the future releases. Eventually, a range of MapStore case studies will be presented to demonstrate what our clients and partners are achieving with it.

Simone Giannecchini

August 31, 2022

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  1. Lorenzo Natali Tobia Di Pisa GeoSolutions MapStore, a year in

  2. GeoSolutions • Offices in Italy & US, Worldwide clients •

    30+ collaborators, 25+ Engineers • Our products • Our Offer Enterprise Support Services Deployment Subscription Professional Training Customized Solutions GeoNode
  3. Affiliations We strongly support Open Source, it Is in our

    core We actively participate in OGC working groups and get funded to advance new open standards We support standards critical to GEOINT
  4. What is MapStore?

  5. What is MapStore? • Create and share maps, charts, dashboards

    and stories online • Mobile first | Responsive • Mapping engine agnostic • OpenLayers|Leaflet|Cesium • Leveraging React ecosystem • Pluggable Look & Feel • Consume data from many sources • OSM, Bing, WFS, CSW, WMS, WMTS • License is Simplified BSD • Commercial friendly!
  6. What is MapStore? It is a Product Use it as

    it is and customize the look&feel
  7. What is MapStore? It is a Framework You can build

    many different applications with its plugins (and by developing your own) covidtrackingmap
  8. MapStore at work

  9. MapStore at work Home Page Browse and share Create new

  10. Support sync with LDAP MapStore at work Create a portal

    with your users and groups User Administration
  11. Create and share contents: Maps, Application Contexts, Dashboards and GeoStories

    Create a new content Add data Set permissions and save Share MapStore at work
  12. Map Viewer mobile layout Many tools Time traveling Widgets annotations

    geocoder ... MapStore at work
  13. A lot of Plugins available in the core !!! MapStore

    at work • Table of Contents • Annotations • Style Editor • Measure • Print • Timeline/Playback • Feature Editor • Widgets • Map Details • Background Selector • Identify • Locate Me • Layer Download • Filter Layer • Street View • Catalog • Map Catalog • Map Import/Export • Settings • Mouse Position • CRS Selector • Swipe • Search By Bookmark • ScaleBox • 3D Switcher • FullScreen • Tutorial • Search Bar • Save • Login • Share • Version • Burger Menu • Undo/Redo • Map Loading • Map Templates • User Session • Add Group • Home • Zoom Buttons Browse and share All Configurable
  14. MapStore at work Attribute Table: browse features of a vector

    layer through a tabular view and access advanced utilities (Filters, Data Exports, Charts, Editing of features and more).
  15. MapStore at work Annotations tool: provide a great user experience

    in creating/drawing map annotations with a powerful user interface and styling capabilities.
  16. MapStore at work • Import/Export: import and export of map

    context (Native JSON and WMC Formats are supported) • Measurements: perform your measurement in map and export or convert them to be used with other tools Thanks to Rennes Métropole and geOrchestra! ☺
  17. MapStore at work Visual Style Editor: editing layers styles in

    MapStore with an advanced user interface SLD Service to classify styles Both Vector and Raster styles! Work on top of the GeoServer REST APIs
  18. MapStore at work Map Print (based on mapfish 2.0) Map

    Share 3D Maps (based on Cesium JS) Street View
  19. MapStore at work Application Contexts Create your own map viewers

    selecting and configuring the plugins you want and share them or use to create new maps. Wizard Custom viewers
  20. MapStore at work Yes, you can do it from the

    User Interface! ☺ Install extensions Setup base map Select and configure plugins Customize theme
  21. MapStore at work Available for standard or custom installations Develop

    and install your own Extensions
  22. MapStore at work One Installation - Many Applications !!

  23. MapStore Dashboard: general overview MapStore at work Chart Widgets Counter

    Widget Text Widget Legend Widget Widget menu Map Widget Table Widget Dashboard toolbar
  24. MapStore at work • Widget Editors Fine tuning of all

    widgets based on OGC standards
  25. MapStore at work MapStore GeoStory: create inspiring and immersive stories

    by combining text, interactive maps and multimedia content (e.g. images, video or other third party content). View Mode Edit Mode
  26. MapStore at work Build your story by adding different kind

    of sections, one after the other with an advanced web editor: • Title/Cover • Paragraph • Immersive • GeoCarousel • Media (Map, Image, Video) • Web Page Sections are organized in a continuous scrolling layout!
  27. MapStore at work A Toolbar on top of the side

    panel provides additional settings for the story Changing the story theme • Background color • Text color • All sections can inherit the above or have their own custom theme
  28. New Features

  29. Ongoing work • Additional capabilities added to existing tools: in

    v2022.01 some interesting enhancements and new features have been included • Improved the WMTS support: more support of WMTS layers in GeoStory and added Attributions for WMTS background layers • Snapping function for Attribute Table: in edit mode it is now possible to snap features to other ones when editing geometries 2022.01.00 Thanks to Rennes Métropole and geOrchestra ! ☺ Loading strategy included! Support to implement additional strategies in addition to the default ones
  30. Ongoing work • MapStore Charts: we are working to improve

    charts Both MapViewer and Dashboard are supported! • In v2022.01 MapStore widgets have been enhanced with classification capabilities for Bars (stacked and grouped) and Pie charts
  31. Ongoing work • Additional capabilities added to existing tools: in

    v2022.01 some interesting enhancements and new features have been included • Map Viewer query parameters: enhanced the support to viewer query parameters (also via POST) • 3D query parameters: enhanced sharing capabilities for the 3D map providing the support for additional options for the camera orientation 2022.01.02
  32. Ongoing work • 3D Tiles: we are working to improve

    the MapStore 3D viewer through the inclusion of new interesting updates: • Update of the Cesium JS library to the latest version. This helps to solve also some performance issues present in the older version • Support for a new catalog source and layer type for 3D Tiles • Support for 3D Tiles styling • More work in progress to support more styling capabilities 3D Tiles Specs 1.0 2022.01.02
  33. Future Work

  34. Ongoing work • Layout enhancements: in v2022.02 some interesting improvements

    will also be provided for the new MapStore layout where: • The Options menu will be replaced by a Sidebar • Other layout changes such as: smaller buttons and reduces size of side panels on the right 2022.02.00
  35. Ongoing work • Base support for OpenID: For development of

    specific implementations: It will support login with: • Keycloak (with Single-Sign-On) • Google (login) 2022.02.00
  36. Ongoing work • More on 3D: we are working to

    move further steps on the 3D functionalities • Support 3D geometries in the Cesium map (in GeoJSON format) • Support of WFS layers also in Cesium map • Styling of 3D vector features with the style editor 2022.02.00
  37. Ongoing work • More on 3D: we are working to

    move further steps on the 3D functionalities • More experiments aimed to enrich the styling capabilities of 3D Tiles (based on the OGC Styling specifications 1.0) such as: labels, alignment of Graphics (Marks/Icons) and labels, clamp to ground and extrusion properties and more • Some investigations to possibly support experimental styling properties • Some experiments aimed to include the selection of multiple Terrain layers for in the 3D map 2022.02.00
  38. Ongoing work • Downstream projects: we are working on a

    new project system that helps to maintain and update existing projects and new ones. We are going to separate gradually the core from the product to have the core library in npm package(s) • Reduce the loading time at startup by reviewing and reducing the bundle size • Optimize build time and resource consumption • Performances: MapStore is growing very quickly. For this reason, we are working to keep it as optimized as possible to: 2022.Q4 2022.Q3 2022.Q4
  39. Who uses MapStore

  40. GeoNode

  41. Rennes Metropole - geOrchestra

  42. Who uses MapStore? • Halliburton • Rennes Metropole (via geOrchestra)

    • Austrocontrol • MapStand • UN FAO • EMSA • World Bank (via GeoNode) • Unesco (via GeoNode) • EARTH-IArno river basin authority • Region of Tuscany (Hydrologic Service) • Region of Tuscany (Urbanistic Department) • LaMMa • City of Munich • City of Florence • City of Genova • City of Bozen • City of Brussels • IGB (via GeoNode) This is only a small list
  43. Mapstore @ the Municipality of Florence

  44. Mapstore2 @Florence Municipality • The POINT OF CONTACT with Geo

    Data @ Florence Municipality • About 2.000 OGC Services available for users • More than 500 OGC Services for applications, internal & external • The GIS Self Service • A simple environment with which to build a analysis scenario • We can find on this system geographical open data (published on opendata.comune.fi.it) • An open source “digital twin” (with Cesium 3d feature)
  45. The End Questions? lorenzo.natali@geosolutionsgroup.com info@geosolutionsgroup.com