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Zero-downtime Postgres upgrades (PGDay UK edition)

Zero-downtime Postgres upgrades (PGDay UK edition)

At GoCardless, we use Postgres as the primary store for data that matters - records of merchants, customers and payments.

As a payments API, it's important to our users that we maintain a high level of uptime. At the same time, we believe that performing upgrades is an important reality of running software in production - databases included. Even the most stable software has critical bugs from time to time, and you have to deploy patches.

When it came to Postgres, we found ourselves caught between our desire to minimise downtime and our need to keep our software stack up-to-date. Postgres doesn't ship with all the machinery you need to do zero-downtime upgrades, so we knew we had work to do.

In the talk, we'll look at the problems faced when trying to upgrade Postgres without downtime, and explore our approach to building automation to upgrade Postgres without the apps noticing.

Chris Sinjakli

July 04, 2017

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