Birmingham History in Books

F57e57be6ed12e51d3c9e9f6c030b522?s=47 Nick Harewood
December 01, 2012

Birmingham History in Books

Inspired by @brucel's Our Birmingham book scan, I've quickly done a few pages of my own historical tomes.

The first is "Birmingham and it's regional setting : A Scientific Survey", apparently "Prepared for the meeting held in Birmingham 30th August - 6th September 1950" by the British Association for the Advancement of Science.
It's a largely academic geographical survey, with some interesting snippets and maps.

The second is a smaller book "A Short History of Birmingham" by J. Ernest Jones, published in 1911. It's a great read with lots of interesting facts and stories about the people and places of Birmingham.


Nick Harewood

December 01, 2012