10 Bathroom Remodeling No-No’s

10 Bathroom Remodeling No-No’s

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, taste is relative but some choices are just a bad idea. Some of these items present a safety issue, others require too much upkeep, and a few may make it more difficult to sell your house one day. Before you make one of these bathroom remodeling mistakes, take advantage of the Stradling’s design team’s hard-earned knowledge.


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    #5 EXPOSED PLUMBING is great for a rustic or steampunk

    décor. But it’s DANGEROUS if you have small children. It also TURNS OFF lots of BUYERS.
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    That said, go for it if you don’t have little

    ones or plan to sell your home soon. It’s your home. The décor should reflect that.
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    #7 HARDWOOD FLOORS don’t do well around water. They WARP

    and are LESS SANITARY than tile and linoleum.
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    #8 Avoid YELLOW WALLS. Small spaces and artificial lighting don’t

    play well with yellow – even paints that just have a yellow undertone will make you question whose face is staring back at you in the mirror.
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    #9 Stick to white for the tub and sink. Non-white

    tubs make the room look smaller and your home more difficult to sell.
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