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10 Bathroom Remodeling No-No’s

10 Bathroom Remodeling No-No’s

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, taste is relative but some choices are just a bad idea. Some of these items present a safety issue, others require too much upkeep, and a few may make it more difficult to sell your house one day. Before you make one of these bathroom remodeling mistakes, take advantage of the Stradling’s design team’s hard-earned knowledge.


  1. 10 Bathroom Remodeling No-No’s

  2. Taste may be RELATIVE, but some remodeling choices are just

    a BAD IDEA.
  3. Some present a SAFETY ISSUE.

  4. Others require a lot of UPKEEP.

  5. Some choices may even make it HARD to SELL your

  6. So, what are the 10 common bathroom remodeling mistakes?

  7. #1 Avoid GLOSSY, SLIPPERY TILES. They turn your bathroom into

    a SLIP-n- SLIDE.
  8. Look for tiles that the ADA rates 0.60 or higher

  9. #2 Avoid using WALLPAPER. MOISTURE causes it to PEEL. 2

  10. If your décor demands the look of wallpaper, consider a

  11. TINY TILE MOSIACS look amazing but require TONS of UPKEEP

  12. Restrict tiny mosaics to a SMALL AREA that requires minimal

    upkeep, like the VANITY BACKSPLASH.
  13. #4 Avoid LAMINATE FLOORING. Moisture causes the sheets to EXPAND

    and SEPARATE from the floor.
  14. LINOLEUM is a great alternative. It’s both BUDGET-FRIENDLY and ECO-FRIENDLY.

  15. #5 EXPOSED PLUMBING is great for a rustic or steampunk

    décor. But it’s DANGEROUS if you have small children. It also TURNS OFF lots of BUYERS.
  16. That said, go for it if you don’t have little

    ones or plan to sell your home soon. It’s your home. The décor should reflect that.
  17. #6 CARPETING in the bathroom is a breeding ground for

    MOLD and MILDEW.
  18. RUGS add warmth, color, and texture. And when they get

    dirty, you can WASH THEM.
  19. #7 HARDWOOD FLOORS don’t do well around water. They WARP

    and are LESS SANITARY than tile and linoleum.
  20. luck! There are CERAMIC TILES that are practically INDISTINGUISHABLE from

    real wood.
  21. #8 Avoid YELLOW WALLS. Small spaces and artificial lighting don’t

    play well with yellow – even paints that just have a yellow undertone will make you question whose face is staring back at you in the mirror.
  22. Instead, stick to NEUTRAL COLORS for your walls, preferably GRAYS

    with blue or green undertones.
  23. #9 Stick to white for the tub and sink.

  24. #9 Stick to white for the tub and sink. Non-white

    tubs make the room look smaller and your home more difficult to sell.
  25. Add COLOR and TEXTURE through décor instead.

  26. #10 And the biggest bathroom remodeling mistake? (drumroll please) NOT

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