Renewable Hydrogen for Remote Communities

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June 10, 2020

Renewable Hydrogen for Remote Communities

In this slide deck we outline a vision for a Northern "Hydrogen Economy" and discuss our prototype hydrogen fuel cell snowmobile built for subsistence hunting, fishing, trapping, industrial inspection and park ranger patrols.



June 10, 2020


  1. Renewable Hydrogen for Remote Communities Stefan Weissenberg

  2. Our mission Help remote Northern communities transition away from fossil

    fuels by offering affordable, renewable hydrogen technology alternatives
  3. VEHICLES ENERGY STORAGE * PSH = Pumped storage hydroelectricity Same

    range as gasoline and diesel vehicles No cold weather loss 5-minute fill times 15,000x more energy dense than PSH* No powerlines needed to transport Cost 30-40% higher per kWh than PSH* Ideal for remote communities
  4. Alberta Will have two hydrogen semi trucks on the road

    in 2022 BC Shell has installed hydrogen fueling station Quebec Installed hydrogen fueling station
  5. None
  6. Ontario, Canada based supplier CSA-approved: electrolyzers / compressors storage tanks

    fuel cells
  7. Sold at $2/L diesel equivalent price = C$354 MILLION in

    Yukon annual revenues Yukon’s renewable H2 economy 14% 86% Yukon Indicated Geothermal Potential (1500 MW) dedicated to hydrogen electrolysis and liquefaction Diesel replacement north of 60 Transportation (future market) All diesel generators in Yukon, NWT, Nunavut (177 million liters per year) 9722 MW of waste heat available for greenhouses “Waste” medical grade oxygen collection for local hospitals
  8. Customer Discovery “I would get out on the land and

    hunt, fish and trap more if snowmobile fuel was cheaper, and the vehicles were quieter and more sustainable” - Subsistence Hunter
  9. Customer Discovery “We want reliable, quiet, simple, lightweight, zero emission

    snowmobiles for our geophysics work” - Geophysics field worker
  10. Our prototype: a hydrogen fuel cell work snowmobile 1994 Yamaha

    VK540 frame 38 kW (51 HP) electric motor 122 km range (250 km+ in near future) Refillable from steel hydrogen gas cylinders Planned for demonstration February 2021
  11. Fleet of 10 Hydrogen Snowmobiles About $50K per vehicle •Warranty

    800,000 km / 10 years $0.5 - 1M for the renewable hydrogen fueling station •Lasts 20 years Up to 483 MWh / year renewable energy •Electricity use of 43 average Yukoners can power a heavily used fleet
  12. Competitors Gasoline / Legacy Nikola Motors Taiga Motors Lithium ion

    battery snowmobile starting at $21,000 Taking preorders Lithium ion battery ATV Research partnership with US DOD to install hydrogen fuel cell Yamaha, Polaris, SkiDoo, and Arctic Cat SkiDoo hydrogen fuel cell concept prototype in Austria
  13. Total Available Market (sales) Revenue model/s PHASE 1: RETROFIT /

    REFURBISH • Fast to market, but limited growth • Focus on work/touring snowmobiles in TMA 5K / year C$55K 0.5 - 1% $1 - 2 M TMA = Target Market Area for Retrofit / Refurbish: • Yukon • NWT • Alaska • Northern BC and Alberta Average Price per vehicle Addressable Market Revenue Opportunity
  14. Revenue model/s PHASE 2: PATENT / LICENSING • Slower to

    market, but higher growth • Mountain / crossover snowmobiles 50K / year C$40K 10% $10 M Total Available Market (sales) Average Price per vehicle Addressable Market Revenue Opportunity
  15. Timeline July 2019 • Incorporated March 2020 • Filed provisional

    patent • Won $10K Yukon Innovation Prize • Featured on CBC and Yukon News Summer 2020 • 95% finished Bill of Materials • Securing funding and end users for testing Fall / Winter 2020 • Build prototype • Have Gowling (WLG) LLP in Vancouver draft patent February 2021 • Demonstrate finished prototype • Get client orders for fleets of 10 with renewable fueling station We are here
  16. Finances (projected, C$M) 1.2 2 0.349 0.399 1 -2 -1.5

    -1 -0.5 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 2020 2021 2022 2023 Retrofit revenue Cost of sales Licensing revenue Net profit 20 vehicles 2 H2 stations $50K / vehicle 500 vehicles $40K / vehicle Prototype $80K Train replacement/s and hand off retrofit business? 10 vehicles 1 H2 station $60K / vehicle
  17. Team Stefan Weissenberg Mechanical Engineer Daniel Terpstra Electrical Engineer Fraser

    Larock Sales & Marketing
  18. Snowmobiles are just the beginning… our vision is to eliminate

    all diesel and gasoline use north of 60 and make Yukon a net clean energy exporter What we need 60 20 20 FUNDING REQUIRED ($100K) Prototype materials Engineering / assembler salaries Patenting costs 10 COMMITTED ($10K) Yukon Innovation Prize SDTC (not yet confirmed) Uncommitted 63 Need an end user to partner with us 27 In kind Website: Phone: +1-867-333-0753 Email:
  19. Thanks for your time. Website: Phone: +1-867-333-0753 Email:

  20. Appendix

  21. Summary • We are building hydrogen fueled light vehicles (snowmobiles,

    ATVs) as a pilot project to reduce GHG emissions in Canada’s North, and distributing them under a mobile retrofit service and/or licensing model. • Our vision is much larger than snowmobiles. We hope this project will educate Northerners on the amazing benefits of renewably produced hydrogen: ◦ Retirement of noisy, polluting 0.9 MW diesel generators for backup power ◦ Heavy duty transportation (e.g. semi trucks) ◦ Grid stabilization and long-term energy storage • We need your help to get started with our prototype ◦ Cost C$60K – need additional C$50K to reach target plus another C$20K in patenting costs ◦ Range of membership levels to suit your desired contribution
  22. Competitive analysis • BRP/Rotax (Ski-Doo) has unveiled a hydrogen fuel

    snowmobile concept prototype in Austria, focused on winter ski resort operation ◦ Standard hydrogen fuel cell vehicle includes less-than-reliable lithium battery for peak power ◦ It appears that BRP/Rotax is “testing the waters” with their concept H2 prototype press release and is not committed to production yet • in Montreal is taking pre orders for lithium ion battery snowmobiles and watercraft with mountain, crossover and work/touring models ◦ Entry level snowmobile starts at $15K USD (about C$21K) ◦ Production planned for 2021 ◦ High performance, extended battery model: 180 HP power, weighs 266 kg, gets 140 km range • (pictured) is another Tesla-inspired EV manufacturer, focusing on commercial and military sales, that has a powersports (light vehicle) division and focuses on both battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell engines ◦ Recently acquired a US DOD grant to incorporate hydrogen fuel cell into their “Reckless” ATV • Gasoline snowmobile manufacturers continue to innovate on higher performance, more fuel efficient turbocharged four stroke gasoline engines
  23. Value propositions Zero emission And, we eliminate benzene, carbon monoxide,

    PM2.5 and other toxic local air pollutants as well Our engines are quiet like battery electric vehicles Quiet Reduce noise when studying wildlife, patrolling Traditional Territory or a National Park, or when sustainably hunting For most remote fly-in communities, producing your own renewable H2 fuel on site is cheaper than imported fossil fuels Save money At predicted long term C$40K/snowmobile, we are 2-3x as expensive as a gasoline snowmobile, but engines last up to 10x longer due to the high reliability of fuel cells Snowmobiles emit about 0.05% of Canada’s annual GHG emissions
  24. What we need C$80K • C$10K already committed from Yukon

    Innovation Prize • We need a partner (end user) for SDTC application C$15K + $1K/year + “war chest” • Joint venture opportunity End users • For initial prototype (SDTC funding partner) • For fleets of 10 snowmobiles and/or ATVs with a renewable hydrogen fueling station (e.g. Parks Canada, First Nations, etc.) Prototype Patent / IP Customers
  25. Distribution Compressed or liquefied hydrogen can be delivered by truck

    over existing paved and ice roads Same regulations as diesel (Transport Canada Dangerous Goods Regulation); new driver safety training required Air transport of hydrogen unlikely to be possible under existing regulations, nor is it sustainable Ocean shipping and hovercraft could play key roles in hydrogen distribution to Arctic communities
  26. Competitive analysis (new vehicles) Competitor Fuel Vehicle/s How we are

    different Nikola Motors More power from patent pending hydrogen engine Taiga Motors Hydrogen has much longer range and quicker fill times than lithium BRP/Rotax (Ski Doo) (concept prototype only) Quicker to market, more power Yamaha / Polaris / Ski- Doo / Arctic Cat Zero emission, quieter, more reliable Gasoline Mfg’rs Nikola Motors Taiga Motors Lithium ion battery snowmobiles starting at $21,000 Taking preorders Lithium ion battery ATV Research partnership with US DOD to install hydrogen fuel cell Yamaha / Polaris / SkiDoo / Arctic Cat We are quieter, zero emission and more reliable