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Team Fed EDP(A) Final

August 11, 2018

Team Fed EDP(A) Final


August 11, 2018


  1. Nekonote Frying Assistant Team FED “Design innovative experience of having

    a meal” 1. Jirapat Jongluxmanee - 17M18370 2. Masashi Iwasaki - 18M51688 3. Yu Jichuan - 17M58256 4. Toni Scheuring - 18R57509 5. Leslie Tan - 18R52002 6. Miho
  2. Engineering Design Phases

  3. User Interviews to 6 mothers about multi-task on stoves.

  4. Analysis of User interview ① Japanese stew(肉じゃが) 20 mins ②

    Miso soup (味噌汁) 15 mins ③ Fried rice (炒飯) 10 mins Total 20 mins ① Fried rice(炒飯) 10 mins ② Miso soup (餃子) 10 mins ③ Yakisoba (焼きそば) 10 mins Total 30 mins Effective multi-tasking Non-effective multitasking for quick dishes She tends to cook each by each. Problem!!! She can use pan while she is waiting other dishes to be cooked.
  5. POV A mother who is cooking for her family Needs

    a way to make a schedule of cooking multiple dishes at the same time. Because she can only avoid cooking multiple things when the length of cooking each dish is different (avoid collision) But actually she wants to cook multiple quickly served dishes at the same time to save time and expand the variety of menu.
  6. • Assist her by stirring other pan so that she

    can do the multi-tasking (at least the food would not be burn ), as their child do for them. (猫の手も借りたい) • Adjust the heat of the pan automatically. • Offer her scheduling assist to expand the variety of menu with better efficiently. (Both planning & guiding) How Might We
  7. Design principles

  8. Sketch, Prototype and Value Proposition 1 3 2 4 5

  9. Storyboard

  10. Prototype

  11. Prototype testing

  12. Feedback from Users “I think the product is really helpful

    for party occasion when I need to cook many dishes” “I I think it help my daily cooking for ”childrens. However, the product should be more portable. “. But I hope the speed of the machine is more adjustable. “I think adjustment of the speed is required to keep the food in the pan
  13. Budget status PART AMOUNT PRICE (JPY) 1. TEMP. SENSOR 2

    1,518 無 BALANCED = 8,482 JPY
  14. Reflection action • Why you ? - We have mothers

    who had difficulty when cooking for her family from our childhood experience. • Why now? - From our interview result, we found out that many people face this problem but pretend to think that it’s not the problem • Why this? - This product can improve their efficiency and expanding their cooking experience. • User - Parents who cook a meal for their family. (Or people who serves multiple dishes for parties) • Problem - It’s very hard when cook with multiple dishes at the same time • Solution - By using our product, it will prevent the food from burning. • “How much is it worth solving?” - Almost every household family facing with this problem. • “How much is it possible to solve?” - This product will help user take care of 1 dish and the user can focusing on the another dish without worrying
  15. Related product Used in industry and restaurants.

  16. Future Direction Adding more functions to stir more variety of

    dishes. More portable: Multi-tasking busy users can use without effort. Lighter weight: Multi-tasking busy users can use without effort. It can fit to the smaller and lighter and pods. Adjustment of size and angle: It should fit to different types of pans and pods. Adjustable speed of rotation: Make the product safer and keep all kinds of food when it stirs.
  17. Individual reflection

  18. Thank You!

  19. Reference 1.(ANKO, 2018) https://ankofood.en.taiwantrade.com/product/multiple-function-stir-fryer-fry-rice-fry-noodle-anko-food-machine-635204.html#, 09.08.2018