Git 102

Git 102

So you've learned the basics of Git, and you've started butting up against it. Maybe you can't quite remember all the different sub-commands and flags you use occasionally, or people have been moaning at you that your commit history is a bit messy. Ever deleted a branch accidentally and think it's gone forever? Or maybe you're using Git for editing text, and are fed up with diffs telling you a whole paragraph has changed when you've only changed a single character?

This deck gives a 100ft view of a bunch of commands and options within Git . It's not attempting to explain exactly how to use each thing, but will hopefully act as a jumping-off point for anyone who wants to either learn a bit more about Git, or become more efficient at using it.

This talk was given as part of the regular lunchtime "Tech Talks" series at Global Personals. A video of the talk is available at (35 minutes).


* Franchise:
* Ostrich Sans:
* Monaco (comes with OS X)


* Text is #FFFFFF at 80% opacity (100% for highlights)
* Background colours: #141A41, #092E0E, #2B0405
* BGs are in Keynote: Advanced Image Fill > Tile, colour at 50% opacity



April 24, 2014