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Design a New World of Learning with Innovative Digital Tools

Mike Taylor
March 24, 2022

Design a New World of Learning with Innovative Digital Tools

Digital technology is fundamental in supporting different approaches to workplace learning. Digital modalities have transformed the methodology for facilitating training, altering current practices in learning and development (L&D). Organizations that are not already seeking digital tools to design practical L&D training are falling behind. Keeping pace with the accelerated rate of change in the work dynamic requires learning leaders to adopt and apply new ways of thinking.

In this session, Mike Taylor, an expert learning consultant, and Karl G Richter, founder and chief executive officer of eLearning Blends, will share innovative digital tools to keep your organization ahead of the learning curve. They will share new developments in digital tools and platforms, such as synchronous and asynchronous learning, and innovative technologies for instructional design. They will challenge you to rethink the traditional view of learning in the workplace. You will walk away with the gained insight to implement digital tools to your organization’s L&D program.

In this session, you will learn:

» Innovative artificial intelligence (AI) enabled tools that can help create better learning content at a faster rate.
» Digital tools utilized in other fields that L&D leaders can leverage for optimal learning design.
» No-code development options for designing custom learning apps for your organization.
» Key methodologies for connecting different digital tools to form an effective learning ecosystem.

Mike Taylor

March 24, 2022


  1. Mike Taylor mike-taylor.org tmiket Eternally curious | Honorary Canadian Exploring

    the intersection of learning, technology & social media
  2. The online lessons we built for our LMS are all

    the same. They’re basically fancy talking PowerPoint slides.
  3. We know there’s more that we could do with online

    resources, but we don’t have the time... ..nor the tools we need to do it.
  4. Creating content faster & more efficiently with AI Connect your

    tools to give them superpowers NoCode tools enable anyone to create custom apps Digital Learning Tools
  5. Sample Blend 1 Survey to ask managers how they’d handle

    common issues Webinar to discuss results as a group All managers are added to a special email distribution list. Monthly Q&A
  6. 21 Office 365 Microsoft has added numerous AI-powered features in

    the tools many of us use everyday. CONTENT CREATION
  7. Microsoft Lens Top AI Office Features Office Dictation Design Ideas

    Live Translation & Subtitles Morph Transition Presenter Coach Transcription in Word (Stream also) Editor / Rewrite Suggestions Insert data from image Analyze Data (formerly Ideas in Excel)
  8. mike-taylor.org 31 Descript Descript is a collaborative audio/video editor that

    works like a Google doc. It includes transcription, a screen recorder, publishing, and some mind-bendingly useful AI tools. CONTENT CREATION
  9. 37 BrightSlide Brightslide is an AMAZING add-in for PowerPoint. It

    adds superpowers and you will love it. Just go download it now and thank me later! CONTENT CREATION
  10. 41 Luma Build a beautiful website for your Zoom event

    in 2 minutes: * Beautiful event pages * Email communications * Attendance & analytics * Sell tickets & accept donations CONTENT CREATION
  11. What can you automate? Tasks you do frequently. Sending a

    weekly reminder to your team to fill out a meeting agenda. Moving data between apps Adding tasks from a project management app into your personal to-do list app. “Brain dead” work Copying the emails of event attendees to a spreadsheet.
  12. No Matter Your Role or Industry Saving files to the

    cloud Updating calendars Scheduling calls Keeping everything and everyone on track Receive and send notifications about upcoming events Turn emails and messages into tasks Save contracts and invoices to the cloud Notify your team when a task is completed Save important tasks to a to-do list Automate your calendar Fill out invoices Get top industry news in the channel of your choice
  13. Start in minutes, save hours Zapier is faster and easier

    than building your own integration, and you won't need to write any code.
  14. A form response submitted Register email to webinar session A

    new video in Dropbox Upload to Wistia A new Eventbrite registration Add to Zoom registration
  15. Not a coder? No problem with #NoCode Tools that enable

    non-technical people to build custom apps
  16. "It's not just engineers that can build something useful on

    the internet. It really could be anyone." Ryan Hoover | Founder of Product Hunt,

  18. mike-taylor.org Sample Blend 2 “LIVE” kickoff hosted on a webinar.

    LMS Module that introduces Glide app Glide app to look up content on the job Lessons Learned webinar
  19. What will you try first? https://gettalk.at/tice22 Get contact info &

    copy of slides here: How could you use and/or combine these tools? Share in chat.