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Getting ahead in a world of 20 million developers

Getting ahead in a world of 20 million developers

Anthony Shaw

August 09, 2019

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  1. @anthonypjshaw Getting ahead in a world of 20 million developers

    Anthony Shaw
  2. ‣ Find out why ‣ Picking a skillset ‣ Setting

    goals ‣ Finding more time ‣ Nailing interviews
  3. Get ahead • 20 million developers • 10,000’s new every

    week • Accept fewer compromises • Miss fewer opportunities
  4. None
  5. Beware of survivorship bias 12 steps to success and riches

    A. Rogant, CEO #1 Best Seller! “Totally worked for me!” -- Random Dude

  7. Setting goals

  8. Picking your skillset HTML CSS Python Testing JavaScript Django Pytest

  9. Now and the future HTML 5 CSS 3 Python 3.7

    Testing JavaScript Django 2 Pytest 3 Requests 2 React EC6 TS
  10. Expanding your skillset

  11. None
  12. Find the time to do more • Focus makes you

    faster • Turn off notifications • Block/Turn off social • Go easy on the caffeine!
  13. Timeboxing • Problem solving is a skill • Sometimes it

    takes your brain time • Take a break, have a walk • Use a timer
  14. Learning to learn - Find the right space - Find

    the right time - Find the right content - Pay it forward
  15. Imposter Syndrome Doubt kills more dreams than failure

  16. Nailing the interview Your interviewer wants to know : •

    Why are they leaving? • Do they have the skills we need? • Will they work well with the others? • Will they leave their ego at the door? • Are they going to learn new things? • Are they going to ask for help?
  17. • Think ”AT-AT” • Refresh your skills • This is

    not a quest • Learn to focus • Learn to timebox • Learn to learn! • Doubt is your enemy • Prepare, Prepare and Prepare some more Talk notes
  18. Thank you [email protected] tonybaloney.github.io @anthonypjshaw