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I Don’t Have Time: Getting Over the Fear to Launch Your Podcast

I Don’t Have Time: Getting Over the Fear to Launch Your Podcast

In this webinar, podcaster Joe Casabona is going to share his experience in finding time and getting over the fear of launching a podcast. He’ll share with you:
1. How to choose a topic and format that works for you
2. Coming up with content
3. Automating What You Can
4. Building Your list
5. Gear and Software
6. Pressing Record
7. Choosing a host

If you are wanting to start a podcast, this is one webinar you won’t want to miss.

Joe Casabona

June 23, 2020

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  1. I Don’t Have Time: Getting Over the Fear to Launch

    Your Podcast Joe Casabona https://podcastliftoff.com
  2. -Seth Godin “Podcasting is the new blogging.

  3. There are 31 Million YouTube Channels

  4. There are less than 1 Million Podcasts. (there’s still time

    to get in early)
  5. Why Podcast? • Affordable to get started - You can

    do it for less than $100. • Podcast growth is trending upward • The next great content plane - 87% of people like podcasting because they can do other things will listening • Listeners want to learn new things • Connect with customers • Grow Your Business
  6. Choosing a Topic

  7. Pick something you’re passionate about.

  8. It takes work • Pick a topic you know and

    love • It will keep you motivated when things get hard. • You should want to establish yourself as an expert in some field.
  9. Choosing a Format

  10. Format Types • Solo Show • Host / Co-host •

    Interview Show • Short Format / News • Highly Produced (Crime Drama / Fiction)
  11. You don’t need to stick to one format

  12. Coming up with Consistent Content

  13. Mix Up Your Format! • Don’t just stick to one

    “type” of episode • Interject interviews into your solo shows, and vise-versa • You can even have recurring guests
  14. Repurpose Content • Have a blog? Use posts as a

    script for episodes • Have a newsletter? Release them as epsiodes • Convert video content
  15. Go Behind the Scenes • People love getting a peek

    behind the curtain • Take listeners behind the scenes on a product or process
  16. Automate What You Can!

  17. Possible automation • Social sharing • Posting to your website

    • Booking guests • Adding to your newsletter
  18. The Right Gear

  19. @jcasabona What You Need • A Decent Mic • Pop

    Filter • Boom Arm (optional) • Headphones • Links to everything: https:/ /kit.co/jcasabona/ your-first-podcast-setup
  20. @jcasabona What you should get: ATR-2100

  21. Recording / Editing

  22. @jcasabona Capture Audio • Quicktime • Audacity • Garage Band

    • Windows Recorder
  23. @jcasabona Editing • Audacity • Garage Band • Logic Pro

    • Adobe Audition
  24. Publishing

  25. Pick an Audio Host • Anchor (Free) • Castos (Best

    WordPress integration) • Libsyn (Around the longest)
  26. On WordPress • Pick a Plugin • Seriously Simple Podcasting

    • Powerpress
  27. Submitting Your Podcast

  28. @jcasabona Submit your show to: • Apple Podcasts • Spotify

    • TuneIn • Stitcher • Google Podcasts
  29. Engaging with Your Audience

  30. How to Engage • Have a clear Call to Action

    where you’re building the community. • This can be email list, FB group, or something else. • Ask questions on the show encourage them to respond • As them to record their own messages and thoughts to play on the show. • Read their comments on the show.
  31. Wrapping Up!

  32. Steps to Start a Podcast • Choose a topic &

    name • Record a few episodes • Buy a domain & web hosting • Get audio hosting • Publish & submit!
  33. Consultant & Educator I help tell your story. @jcasabona https://podcastliftoff.com

    Joe Casabona
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