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Python and Jupyter: Looking to the Future

Python and Jupyter: Looking to the Future

Presented at PyCon Colombia 2019. This keynote looks at Python and Jupyter. Each project has had an exciting year. This shares information about Python's new governance. It looks at how Python can be even more powerful for education and learning by looking at enhancements to complement JavaScript/WebAssembly, Binaries, and Mobile.

Carol Willing

February 09, 2019

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  1. PEP 13: Python Language Governance ‣ Quality and Stability ‣

    Contributing accessible, inclusive, sustainable ‣ Core team and PSF relationship ‣ Decision making processes for PEPs ‣ Seek consensus
  2. ‣ High level: WebAssembly and Javascript ‣ Low level: Rust

    ‣ wasm-bindgen wasm-pack ‣ Install using pip Improving Jupyter widgets and using with Python
  3. https://github.com/data- exp-lab/rust-yt-tools/ npm package @data- exp-lab/yt-tools Irber Junior LC. Oxidizing

    Python: writing extensions in Rust [version 1; not peer reviewed]. F1000Researc h 2018, 7(ISCB Comm J): 955 (poster) (https:// doi.org/10.7490/ f1000research.1115726.1) https://github.com/ munkm/widgyts
  4. What can you do ‣ Keep up with WebAssembly news

    ‣ Give a Rust / wasm / Python project a try ‣ Try Beeware and its tools. Great project for first time contributors too. ‣ Think about the User Experience for your work
  5. Matplotlib documentation Carol Willing papers and photos Project Jupyter nteract

    project Python website Fernando Perez website ipyvolume project yt project and Madickin