I like to use the best skin products, every day a new skin care product appears on the market, and its makers claim it makes the skin perfect, often too expensive.

But not all skin care products are up to this level of hype. Some products are overpriced and not worth your money, so try to get away from any product that claims to be a miracle.

Before you spend all this money on creams, serums, skin tones, etc., make sure that it will be beneficial for your skin.

There are expensive products that do not do much to your partner, but the opposite hurts them.

Insider talked to certified dermatologists about skin care products that you should not buy. They concluded:

Toner dries the skin
"The toner has a nice and refreshing sensation, but it does not provide any benefits, and it may dry or irritate the face," said Hedi Setady, a dermatologist in Florida. "It's better to spend that money and effort on products that have a clear effect."

Sitiadi recommended using benzoyl peroxide in the morning, and retinoids (creams or gel, extracted from vitamin A) at night if your skin had acne.

For the purposes of combating signs of aging, Sittadhi advised using an antioxidant serum.
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