Abhisheyk Gaur


An accomplished software engineer in San Diego, Abhisheyk Gaur joined Amazon.com as a senior software engineer in 2017. Responsible for developing services and features for both internal and external use, he performs stress testing, validating, and debugging procedures to ensure the efficient integration of such features into existing large-scale services. Abhisheyk Gaur also conducts testing to confirm that new features can handle Amazon traffic. His projects have included a widget to calculate variable weight for the Amazon Fresh and Shopping Experience.

Before joining Amazon, Mr. Gaur served as a senior engineer with Qualcomm Incorporated, where he developed and supported Linux platforms. He spent a total of 7 years with Qualcomm in the company’s San Diego and Boulder, Colorado, locations.

Mr. Gaur holds a bachelor of science in computer engineering from Purdue University. The recipient of a Discovery Park research scholarship, he served as technical head for the school’s Special Interest Group for Artificial Intelligence. Outside of his professional responsibilities with Amazon, he enjoys hiking and riding his motorcycle.


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