Madden Mobile


How NFL game is actually quite simple, it's about how the strategy of attacking and defending good. When you are going to attack or defense, you will be prompted to choose a strategy or tactics. When attacking you have the option to pass (throw) or run (run), while the last choice there are men (withstand an attack run) or zone (withstand attacks pass).


Amazingly this game has adapted perfectly by EA, especially for android and ios that have been made in the touch screen devices. Although he has used the touch screen, but the game is still showing some buttons like the buttons on the Xbox One. This means, you still will find buttons such as button A, B, X, Y and even LB (buttons exist on Xbox One). Your job is simply touching a button corresponding to the direction of the throw you want.

In addition, there are activities to kick (kick) conducted by the kicker or punter. This kicked activities you can do with the ball swipe section which has been prepared on the screen of your device. You only have to make sure if you kick strong enough and does not deviate so you do not have to miss an important score.

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