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The Agile Musketeers, Agile COP in Intel Penang – Kok Ewe and Joseph Chin - Agile SG 2013

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November 08, 2013

The Agile Musketeers, Agile COP in Intel Penang – Kok Ewe and Joseph Chin - Agile SG 2013

Presented in Agile Singapore 2013 Conference

This is the story of how a small group of dedicated Agile/Lean advocates are transforming Intel Malaysia, the company’s largest and most diverse off-shore site with almost 10,000 employees. This informal team has influenced organizations to embrace Agile at the grass-roots level with little to no formal budget and authority. We will share our observations, thoughts and lessons learnt over the past 4 years, touching ~60 teams across multiple organizations. Not only that, we have been fortunate enough to also influence other sites within Intel in our region. We have been responsible for training people in Singapore; China and India. We will start with why – what our vision is, and what keeps us motivated to continue with this transformative work. Next, we will share how we influence organizations within a big company like Intel. Then we will share what we do, some stories about our failures and successes, and what we have learnt. Finally, we will offer some key lessons from our experiences about what it takes to become a successful Agile company.


Agile Singapore

November 08, 2013

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  1. Agile Musketeers All for One, One for All Agile Community

    of Practice at Intel Malaysia Graphic taken from http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120131041207/disney/images/7/7d/Three_Musketeers_Swords.jpg Siew Kok Ewe, Joseph Chee, Sherine Leong Agile Singapore 8 November 2013
  2. Who we are What We Do What we learn

  3. • In Penang and Kulim • ~9,000 employees • Manufacturing,

    Product and Technology Development, Enterprise Shared Services • Intel’s oldest (1972) and largest offshore site A diverse melting pot of development organizations – and opportunities for Agile transformation
  4. • Informal group of Agile advocates • Passionate volunteers •

    Diverse background • Self-organizing • No formal budget & authority • Continuously learning
  5. None
  6. None
  7. To help Intel go faster by revolutionizing our product development

  8. Do the Right Thing Well Do the Wrong Thing Well

    Do the Right Thing Poorly Educate Refine Black & Gregersen
  9. Confer- ences Educate Train- ing Influence Coach- ing Refine

  10. Confer- ences Educate Train- ing • Reach out to organizations

    • Generate interest • Create understanding of the need for change
  11. None
  12. • Lead with knowledge • Find bright spots • Create

    gravity Confer- ences Train- ing Influence Coach -ing
  13. • Continuous learning & improvement • Nurture the Agile mindset

    • Establish new normal Train- ing Coach -ing Refine
  14. Scrum Workshop Lean Product Development Process Mapping Agile Testing LAMDA-A3

    Agile & Lean Games 6S Lean Leadership Kanban Kaizen Lean Manufacturing Coding Dojo
  15. None
  16. What we learn from organizing conferences • Conferences are good

    avenues to generate interest and attract newbies • Conferences are where we discover new Agile advocates • Organizing conferences is an excellent teambuilding activity
  17. What we learn from conducting training • Classes are good

    avenues for new transformation opportunities • Teaching is the best way to learn • Classes are a good way to network
  18. What we learn from coaching organizations • Engage the leaders

    first • Lead with knowledge, from the top and bottom • Establish a coaching plan • Agility comes from organizational changes • Build commitment and understanding of reason for change • It takes time to institutionalize new habits
  19. What we learn from working together • A good way

    to expand our network • Utilize everybody’s strength and helping one another • Let leadership emerge • Shared goals foster collaboration & friendship • We also focus on deepening our own expertise
  20. • Start working with other Intel sites in the region

    • Build a community beyond Intel • Develop new competencies; offer more training • Work with organizations in new domains
  21. • Intel Malaysia is a diverse organization with lots of

    Agile transformation opportunities • The Agile Community of Practice (Musketeers) in Intel Malaysia is looking to transform the company • Goal is to deliver the highest value in the shortest time