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Don't Stop Walking

Don't Stop Walking


Shannon Weaver

June 08, 2021


  1. None
  2. None
  3. Dialog Rose: "It's nice here, don't you think?"

  4. Action Notes Intro flashback ends, police sirens wail as the

    officers gather to escort the new inmate arrival.
  5. Action Notes Close shot of Rose, now an adult, slowly

    zooming out as she leaves the back of the inmate transport vehicle.
  6. Action Notes Camera tracks until Duke is centered. Lingers there.

  7. None
  8. Dialog F: "Duke, I've been looking for you. Can I

    speak with you a moment?" D: "Of course."
  9. Dialog F: "I'm sure you've seen our latest inmate. Surprising,

    right?" D: "..Yeah."
  10. Dialog F: "The situation as it stands...well, lets just say

    our resources don't exactly have a protocol for herbivores with carnivorous tendencies. It's a scandal. You're the best man I have Duke, right in line to be as great as your father-"
  11. Dialog D: "Please." F: "Right. It's just..."

  12. Dialog F: "Well, let me just show you."

  13. Dialog F: "We keep the worst down here in isolation,

    but there's a pipe leading out that's small enough for her to slip through if she were to break free. The prison's built for someone much bigger. I'm putting you on guard here until we find another facility."
  14. Dialog F: "She's current suspect in the past several cold

    cases, potentially over 5 years, she's a master of manipulation. Cunning as a fox. Jefferson was here when she first arrived, rode with her in the transport vehicle and has been in therapy since."
  15. Action Notes (Door shrieking as it opens)

  16. Dialog (Pause) F: "You recognize her?"

  17. Dialog D: "No."

  18. Action Notes (Flashback begins)

  19. None
  20. None
  21. Dialog R: "Hey! What's that on your head? Are you

    a mummy?"
  22. Dialog D: "Oh. T-They look stupid, don't they."

  23. Dialog R: "Yeah, ridiculous!"

  24. Dialog D: "My dad made me wear this. When I

    grow up I need to have pointed ears like him. He's a police officer and wants me to be one too..."
  25. Dialog R: "That's stupid!"

  26. Dialog R: "Chin up!"

  27. None
  28. Dialog R: "Hey! There's a water hole over there, want

    to play?"
  29. Dialog (Flashback ends) R: "Why'd you pretend you didn't know

    me when they put me in here?"
  30. Dialog R: "Don't you have any fond memories, Mr. Guard?"

  31. Dialog R: "Or are they all dirtied?"

  32. None
  33. Dialog R: "I still have a that hill."

  34. None
  35. Dialog D: "No, you can't get my ears wet!" R:

    "Haha, too late! Drown, drown!"
  36. Dialog (beat)

  37. None
  38. None
  39. None
  40. None
  41. Dialog D: "H-Hey, there's a really nice hill over there.

    Why don't we go climb the tree!"
  42. Dialog R: "Really?" D: "Yeah, come on!"

  43. None
  44. Dialog R: "Hah, did you get silent in your old

  45. Dialog R: "Shifts up, sunshine." Action Notes Bell Rings

  46. None
  47. None
  48. None
  49. Dialog D:"I met a bunny today." Dad: "Mm." D:"She...said it

    was...well..she said I looked like a mummy with these ears." (Pause) Action Notes (Flashback to Duke at dinner with his Mom and Dad)
  50. Dialog D: "Why do I have to wear these stupid

  51. Action Notes (Duke's father slams table)

  52. Dialog Dad: "Why?"

  53. Dialog D: "I'm sorry I didn't mean it I was

    just, she just.." Dad: "She?"
  54. Dialog D: "No, not It's my fault for bringing

    it up."
  55. Dialog Dad: "You know why you're here. It's the same

    reason your name is Duke and why you have your ears cropped. Why do you think you're here? Why your mother and I even had you. You're a born guard dog."
  56. Dialog Dad: "And you don't forget that!"

  57. None
  58. Action Notes (Flashback ends)

  59. None
  60. Dialog 1: "Hey Duke!"

  61. Dialog D: "Oh...hey."

  62. Dialog 1: "You need to take a break, man" 2:

    "Oh, come one. You know that's not him. He's collecting all those sick days to go into early retirement." 1: "Well anyone would need a break after what he's been tasked to do."
  63. Dialog 2: "Yeah, a carnivor killer bunny? It's ridiculous. 1:

    "What's more...I heard she killed an old raccoon an evening stroll with her bare teeth." 2: "That's nothing, I heard she convinced a cougar to murder his wife and kids..."
  64. Dialog 2: "...Before she murdered him-"

  65. Dialog D: "ENOUGH!"

  66. Dialog 1: "Are you okay, man?" 2: "You don't look

    so good."
  67. Dialog D: "Yeah, I'm fine. I just...I'll be at the

    shooting range."
  68. None
  69. Action Notes (Zoom into goggles, flashback begins)

  70. None
  71. Dialog Dad: "You know what to do, Duke. You'll have

    to get used to it. Pretend it's someone you know...Someone who committed a horrible crime. Someone who will kill again. Aim. Fire."
  72. Dialog D: "B-but that's my favorite toy. I can't." (Pause)

    Dad: "Pathetic."
  73. Dialog Dad: "Give me that!"

  74. Dialog Dad: "Like this!"

  75. None
  76. None
  77. None
  78. None
  79. None
  80. None
  81. Dialog G: "Hey Duke, the clips empty."

  82. Dialog Rose (imagined) : "Nice shootin'."

  83. Dialog R: "I'm so booooored."

  84. Dialog R: "But it's pretty funny to see you here

    every day..."
  85. Dialog (Imagined space, Rose narrating) R: "What did you want

    to be again..." R: "What was it"
  86. Dialog R: "A nurse?"

  87. Dialog D: "Yeah! I want to help fix people!"

  88. Dialog D: "Ugh, but my dad wont let me...He say's

    it's a 'woman's job'"
  89. Dialog R: "Why do you listen to that crap?" (Honks

    nose) D: "He's my dad."
  90. Dialog R: "Do what you want to do, like I

    will!" D: "Well what do you want to do?"
  91. Dialog R: "I want to be the sun!"

  92. Dialog R: "So bright and always above everyone else!" D:

    "You know that's impossible, right?"
  93. Dialog "Liar."

  94. Dialog R:"At least I got what I wanted." Action Notes

    (Flashback ends)
  95. None
  96. Dialog D: "Is this really what you wanted? Locked up

    in this cell, wasting away for what? For some kills, for fun? Fulfilling a God complex, was it really worth it?"
  97. Dialog R: "There he is! Wow, You're finally here!"

  98. Dialog R: "You're one to talk, Daddy's little boy through

    and through. God, you even look like hi-"
  99. Dialog D: "ENOUGH."

  100. Dialog D: "Shut up. Stop talking like you know anything"

  101. Dialog R: "Oh, but I do know."

  102. Dialog R: "Why are you here, Duke?!" D" "Because you

    need to be guarded!" R: "NO, not that!"
  103. Dialog R: "Here, in this stupid uniform. You didn't want

  104. Dialog R: "Do you remember that day? The day you

    went away?"
  105. Dialog D: "I have to go. My Dad's job is

    moving away. This'll be the last time I can see you." Action Notes (Flashback begins)
  106. Dialog R: "Wait...what?"

  107. Dialog R: "Screw you and your stupid Dad, why do

    you have to listen to him?! Why would you leave!"
  108. Dialog R: "You were supposed to be my friend..."

  109. Dialog R: "I hate you, I hate you so much."

    D: "R-Rose, I..."
  110. Dialog R: "Get away from me!"

  111. None
  112. Dialog R: "Tsk tsk, so sad for a young bunny.

    But not all that starts bad ends bad."
  113. Dialog R: "Or does it?"

  114. Dialog R: "You see, It's hard being a bunny with

    nobody. Then you're just.."
  115. Dialog R: "Food."

  116. Dialog R: "That summer defined me. At that time I

    resented you, I thought I needed you then."
  117. Dialog R: "Foolish. I was weak."

  118. Dialog R: "Afraid. But now I'm grateful to you. I

    found out something about myself..."
  119. Dialog R: "It doesn't have to be this way."

  120. Dialog R: "'The natural order of things' is an excuse.

    They could kill me, consume me, and no one would bat an eye, I know. Why should my survival depend on defense... and not offense?"
  121. Dialog R: "That old me. The kind confined by my

    status on the food chain. I killed that part of me, Duke. The one I didn't like...."
  122. Dialog R: "I killed it."

  123. Dialog R: "You became everything they wanted you to become.

    He wanted you to become. I couldn't. I wouldn't. I refuse. Never will someone hold power over me anymore. Yeah, everything you heard is true."
  124. Dialog R: "Does it disgust you?"

  125. Dialog R: "I know it does. I know how everyone

    looks at me now, but at least I'm me."
  126. Dialog R: "Who are you?"

  127. Dialog D: "Rose..." R: "I don't need your pity. I

    never did. You need mine."
  128. Dialog R: "Get out of here. Leave it behind. Walk

    out and keep walking, until your feet burn and your skin leaves tracks behind in the sidewalk. I've made my choice to be here..."
  129. Dialog R: "Make yours."

  130. Dialog R: "Your shifts up." Action Notes (Siren rings)