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Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse


Shannon Weaver

June 07, 2021


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  23. Dialog (Lee sighs) L: "Finally outran them."

  24. Dialog L: "Now...the moment I've been waiting for."

  25. Dialog L (Delighted): "The limited edition comic Mice of Fury!"

  26. Dialog L: "52 pages of the original full color. It's

    still crisp!
  27. Dialog L: "The most important part is to savor the

    crunch of the unopened spine~"
  28. None
  29. None
  30. Dialog Gang Member #1: "We finally gotcha..."

  31. Dialog Gang Member #1: "Off limits in the Cat's Community

    and carryin' banned material...We'll catch a hefty reward for you."
  32. Dialog Lee: "Oh no..."

  33. Dialog L: "If I could just...get away...with..."

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  35. None
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  37. Action Notes (Book covers face and then he lowers it)

  38. Dialog L: "A giant...scary...masked mouse?"

  39. Dialog L: "Look look, I surrender!"

  40. None
  41. Dialog L: "Huh?"

  42. Dialog Masked Man (Franz): "Back off."

  43. Dialog (Group laughing) Gang Member #2: "You want to turn

    him in yourself, huh? Well, I think you're outmatched here."
  44. Dialog F: "Run away and hide, I've got this."

  45. Dialog L: "O-o-okay."

  46. Dialog F: "I like the odds."

  47. None
  48. Dialog Member #2: "An oversized rat on this side of

    the gate, too. Maybe we can bring him in with the kid. This should be fun!"
  49. None
  50. Dialog L: "That guy's beating them up all at once!"

  51. None
  52. Dialog Member #2: "Gotcha!"

  53. None
  54. Dialog Member #2: "Kids like you are wanted dead or

    alive. So..."
  55. None
  56. Dialog F: "Gotcha."

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  65. Dialog L: (Heavy breathing)

  66. None
  67. Dialog L: "P-P-Please don't report me. I won't tell anyone

    about this, honest!
  68. Dialog L: "I just wanted-"

  69. None
  70. Dialog L: "My comic book!"

  71. None
  72. Dialog L: "I don't understand, you could get so much

    money since I have this book. You're not turning me in? "
  73. Dialog F: "Of course not, little one. I hide this

    face because I fight against the way things are run around here, in the same way your comic artist writes about in those very pages. You should be free to read what you please, artists should produce messages that provoke thought."
  74. Dialog F: "You've done nothing wrong."

  75. None
  76. Dialog L: "It's the police! If they see two mice

    here..." F: "I have a place we can go." L: "Where?"
  77. Dialog F: "Come with me."

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