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JavaScript in TYPO3 Backend

JavaScript in TYPO3 Backend

Where did we come from, where do we go?

Andreas Fernandez

November 02, 2019

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  1. 1.Where did we come from? 2.Where are we now? 3.Current

    development 4.What we might want to do
  2. WHERE DID WE COME FROM?  TYPO3 3.8: 9 .js

    files, total of 120 KB (excl. EXT:phpmyadmin(!))  But: lots of inline JavaScript  Blazing fast (on an 8th gen Intel i7)  UI doesn’t feel “snappy”
  3. WHERE DID WE COME FROM?  TYPO3 4.2: 85 .js

    files, total of 1.3 MB  Even more inline JavaScript  But: more comfort features (e.g. IRRE, context menu via AJAX)
  4. WHERE DID WE COME FROM?  TYPO3 6.2: 349 .js

    files, total of 7.9 MB(!) (excl. codemirror)  Four major frameworks: script.aculo.us, prototype, jQuery, ExtJS
  5. WHERE ARE WE NOW?  During v7 development script.aculo.us and

    prototype were dropped  RequireJS was introduced
  6. WHERE ARE WE NOW?  Still 6.4 MB of JavaScript

    in 389 files (excl. codemirror)  Clear separation of modules, code became re- usable
  7. WHERE ARE WE NOW?  In v9, much more code

    has been migrated to TS  Transpiled files are minified  Bye bye ExtJS
  8. CURRENT DEVELOPMENT  In current master, most of the code

    has been migrated to TypeScript (excl. EXT:form and legacy code)  Some legacy code has been deprecated lately (jumpToUrl(), T3_THIS_LOCATION, setFormValue*() and more)
  9. CURRENT DEVELOPMENT  FormEngine components are splitted into separated modules

     IRRE is now properly encapsulated  Currently WIP: Proper processor API (lowercase, nospace, trim etc.)
  10. CURRENT DEVELOPMENT  Browsers have stable APIs (querySelector, fetch) 

    Thus , jQuery will vanish in long term  Migration already begun
  11. CURRENT DEVELOPMENT  $(selector) → document.querySelector(All) (selector)  $.ajax() →

    fetch() (native XHR if required)  $(foo).on() → document.querySelector(foo).addEventListe ner()
  12. CURRENT DEVELOPMENT DRAFT: Replacement for $.ajax() const req = (new

    AjaxRequest(url)).withQueryArguments(obj).json(); req.then((response) => console.log(response)); // → https://review.typo3.org/c/Packages/TYPO3.CMS/+/62129
  13. WHAT WE MIGHT WANT TO DO  Drop RequireJS, replace

    with ES6 imports  Use a modern MVC framework (React, VueJS)  Use web components  Introduce proper state management