I am a software engineer involved in an educational service called StudySapuri.
I am in charge of development of features related to decision-making process of the academic career for high school students and very proud of the mission I am contributing to education in Japan.

I work on both server-side and front-end implementation in Ruby on Rails and TypeScript + React.js each.
Plus, I sometimes write Python codes for personal development to learn Natural Language Processing.
I am particularly good at server-side development and some concept work such as documentation.

My belief, "No collaboration, no accomplishment", makes me keen on improvements of teamwork as well as personal growth.

My new year resolution of 2024 is "Stay Modest, Be Bold in need".
I appreciate your getting acquainted with me in advance if you have the similar or same interests as mine!

I spend my free time for Linguistics, my cat in my parental house, stargazing / planetarium, listening to music, singing at a karaoke shop, traveling, taking a nap, workout and taking a sauna bath.
Recently, I have been into table tennis and play it on every Saturday.


Seriously referring to my values, I would NEVER compromise the following 4 points.

1. I am proud of in-house product where I eagerly contemplate what users really need and realise it. That is why I strongly hope to be engaged in an in-sourcing development.
2. I highly value of close collaborations with team members while each member should have their own string points. It other words, I am not big fan of so-called one-man performance at all.
3. Earnest discussions are sometimes inevitable. It is not battles but constructive conversations by which we think hard about 5Ws and 1H: Why are we supposed to work on it? / What demands and requirements must be fulfiled? / Who is responsible for it? / By when must the deployment be done? / How should we move forward?
4. I hope to work as a cross-functional engineer, full-stack in other words, who not just actively shares one's expertise but borrow that from others in order to make a team functional.

Thank you very much.



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