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snowflake Cloud Infrastructure & Open Source Modules

Andri Steiner
October 22, 2015

snowflake Cloud Infrastructure & Open Source Modules

T3CON15, 22.10.2015

Andri Steiner

October 22, 2015


  1. snowflake | T3CON15 1/16 snowflake Cloud open source multiserver control

    panel private cloud Zurich CH
  2. snowflake | T3CON15 2/16 Agenda about open source next steps

    private cloud infrastructure
  3. 3 snowflake | Der Weg zur elastischen ICT-Infrastruktur 3/16 Caching

    Varnish memcache d About me Andri Steiner head of hosting open source TYPO3 server team Varnish VW campervan & paragliding snowflake since 2007 design & operation snowflake hosting
  4. snowflake | T3CON15 4/16 since 1999 3 founders 3 offices

    ~50 employees more than 1000 projects with TYPO3, Magento, Symfony About snowflake
  5. snowflake | T3CON15 5/16 Private Cloud Infrastructure Location 2 datacenters

    Zurich CH
  6. snowflake | T3CON15 6/16 invisible infrastructure for enterprise computing SDx,

    especially storage, multi tier caching, HA package of software, management, hardware Platform redundancy data/server power network
  7. snowflake | T3CON15 7/16 Virtual Servers 100% automated service has

    different options configuration trough API AngularJS frontend services per server
  8. snowflake | T3CON15 8/16 API Sails.js based REST API used

    as Puppet data source
  9. snowflake | T3CON15 9/16 Frontend AngularJS in development

  10. snowflake | T3CON15 10/16 Services wrapper for Puppet modules +dependencies

    +our config. website TYPO3 Magento Django nodejs ... caching Varnish memcached Tomcat standalone Solr database MariaDB PostgreSQL others nodejs RabbitMQ ProFTPd Docker (in development) ...
  11. snowflake | T3CON15 11/16 Example service: website type: typo3cms

  12. snowflake | T3CON15 12/16 environments DEV STAGE PROD ip firewall

    All ports closed by default Service wrapper will open required ports WAF global configuration („type“ based) + local changes SSH key mgm Environment (EDITOR, GIT_*) More Features Vagrant local 1:1 machines for development documentation https://snowflakehosting.ch/
  13. snowflake | T3CON15 13/16 Pricing server CHF 95.-/Month 1 vCPU

    / 1 GB RAM / 50 GB Storage options Compute CHF 50.-/vCPU/Month Memory CHF 20.-/GB/Month Storage CHF 10.-/10 GB/Month 1st month free details https://snowflakecloud.ch/
  14. snowflake | T3CON15 14/16 Open Source Puppet modules API backend

    frontend everything but virtualisation & networking infrastructure release Q1 2016 all parts required to run your own control panel & webservers
  15. snowflake | T3CON15 15/16 Next Steps open source release Q1

    2016 integrate logs & metrics (Elasticsearch) spread the word more services/types find parties interested in using and participating
  16. snowflake | T3CON15 16/16 Updates https://snowflakecloud.ch https://github.com/snowflakecloud https://twitter.com/snowflakecloud Contact https://speakerdeck.com/andristeiner

    https://twitter.com/andristeiner Feedback Welcome