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Example of my creative writing is below:
This was the day That Which fell in to ruin

This had been the afternoon as though every one did that I met him. It had been. I presumed him far a way.

This had been your afternoon that which.

I had no idea this afternoon, nevertheless I knew, I wouldn't ever forget. When all of your world stops moving, you lose your awareness of period.

I wrapped my hands trusting I would be protected by it.

I needed to shout, I needed to shout but my neck has been vacant. I needed to show my spine, '' I did not desire to see. Shadow was desired by me until my eyes a perspective that was cozy. Monochrome and quiet. No reddish of blood or flames. No cries of people.

Quiet world, my black. However, my eyes widened a lot more. Looking at a mountain I could view it. I really could see all and that I was not able to simply take my eyes. I saw it slipping into ruin.

Brick by brick.

Burning to ashes.

My eyes burnt though I stumbled far off out of this.

I never thought I'd meet with him not in my age .

And that I never knew he would come close and fast.

But he had been still , stealing lights off. He had been. From even and town 1 thing .

The individual who you're not happy to meet.

The individual referred to as"Death".

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