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Taiwan's anti-nuclear protest history

Taiwan's anti-nuclear protest history

Provided by the Green Citizens Action Alliance


  1. Presentation Structure • Overview of nuclear power in Taiwan •

    Citizens' action since Fukushima and what we have achieved • Multiculture of the young generation's protest and action
  2. Nuclear Power in Taiwan • 3 NPP operating and the

    4th NPP is under construction. Each NPP has 2 reactors. • Provide 17% power overall, though nuclear comprises only 11% installed capacity. • All operate by Taipower company, under the Ministry of Economic Affairs. NPP1 NPP2 NPP3 NPP4
  3. Operating Nuclear Reactors (npp1-npp3) Unit Type MWe gross MWe net

    Start up Licensed to NPP1-1 BWR 636 604 1978 2018 NPP1-2 BWR 636 604 1979 2019 NPP2-1 BWR 985 948 1981 2021 NPP2-2 BWR 985 948 1983 2023 NPP3-1 PWR 951 900 1984 2024 NPP3-2 PWR 951 923 1985 2025 Resource: World Nuclear Association
  4. The Problematic NPP4 • Construction began in 1999 with intention

    of 2004 completion but failed. Halt construction on April 2014, it has last for 15 years. • Contracts were awarded to GE for the nuclear reactors, Mitsubishi for the turbines and others for the rest--> making it a particularly difficult project to manage.
  5. the problematic npp4 • Cost escalation due to the construction

    hiatus plus project management and engineering problems--> from US$ 5.6 billion to 9 billion. • In 2011 the AEC (Taiwan nuclear watchdog) was scathing Taipower's management of the project. AEC Nuclear Regulation Director criticized NPP4 as a “TOTAL FAILURE”.
  6. Similarities Between Taiwan and Japan • Located on the Pacific

    Rim seismic zone --> frequently experiences earthquakes. • All 4 NPP in Taiwan are built near the coastline, with distances from 1.04 km to 3.37 km--> quickly reached by tsunami. • Different on the evacuation zone population: 20-40km away from capital Taipei, 6 million ppl to evacuate. • Taiwan’s NPP has been chosen as “the most dangerous NPP in the world” by several int’l analysis.
  7. Before 311 Fukushima Govt’s attitude • 20 years life extension

    for all 6 operating reactors. • NPP4 start commercial operation in 2013. Nuclear issue = clash of 2 main political parties.
  8. Govt (KMT, pro-nuke party)announced its new energy policy including a

    “nuclear phase-out plan” on Nov 3, 2011: No life extension for all 6 operating reactors. NPP4 will bring into commercial operation when safety is guaranteed.
  9. 2012/03/11 Campaign for “Nuclear go zero” Zero nuclear disaster Zero

    nuclear power Zero nuclear waste Zero electricity-demand growth
  10. Cross Circles Action • Musicians • Film directors • Illustrators

    • Academics • Writers • “No More Fukushima Flag” hang all over Taiwan
  11. Social Education Campaign • Over 100 nuke-free lecturers from various

    background are trained to spread information in urban and rural area. • Plan to hold hundreds of speech and discussion at 319 towns in Taiwan.
  12. Citizen Action Achievement • Mayor of New Taipei city (

    location of NPP1,2,4) publicly expressing his concern on NPP4 safety and the incompetent of AEC together with Tai-power company. • More and more political stakeholders publicly show their concerns/objection on NPP4. • Scandals and corruption within NPP4 being exposed by media become highly frequent.
  13. Water cannons were used to evict unamed and nonviolent potestes,

    lasting for over 5 hours, from midnight till morning.
  14. Govt decided to mothball theconstuction the NPP4, responding people's call.

    → → NPP4 is not completely gone, but has been put to “sleep” for now.