At five o'clock in the afternoon Gu Pan wrapped her big coat tightly to block the cold wind and hummed a ditty to open the familiar car door After fastening her seat belt she leaned over to Tang Song who still had no good face and smiled cheekily "Song Song ~ Let's go to eat well Are you happy I have booked a seat" One second two seconds three seconds The two-minute tragedy Tang Song finally raised his eyelids and glanced at her "Is the money borrowed" He didn't receive any deduction information here Gu Pan breathed out most of his breath "Yes" You can't just spend your own What's the difference "There's no sense of surprise" You know there's an expense "In that case you should be a little more mysterious so that I can find out that 12 needle valve
you have booked a place and done a series of things without knowing it" Gu Pan thinks feel what he says is reasonable depressed "Right I pay attention to certainly next time" "Then give the money back quickly" Tang Song withdrew his sight and started the car "Where are you booked" "The second district in the west of the city is medieval" Gu Pan reported the place name bowed his head and clicked the screen a few times and transferred the money to He Fangfang with tears streaming down his face The first step of the plan is to give him a sense of surprise It failed Medieval is a western restaurant not particularly upscale but also a little bit of style Most of the people who come to this shop are ordinary white-collar workers They earn five or six thousand yuan a month Occasionally they come here to splurge on a meal The per capita consumption is about one hundred and eighty Most of them are single men and women and it is also an excellent club for blind dates Looking at the seat by the window they sat down and soon a waiter brought up steaming boiled water with a beautifully bound menu After ordering the waiter bowed gracefully and Tang Song coughed twice then got up and went to the bathroom December weather Tang Song does not wear much shirt and thin cashmere sweater the outside is ordinary can not be more ordinary suit jacket the wind is very easy to catch cold Go back to cooking ginger soup The light is warm the car outside the window is like running water looking at his figure on the glass depressed patted his head How could you lose such an important thing! It's like Alzheimer's! It's really time to nourish the brain! She combed a high ponytail today and specially made up for the candlelight dinner Her dark green woolen coat was as white as snow At the moment she frowned slightly looking much more mature than usual which was very attractive A bespectacled man in a suit and tie passed her glanced at the hand she was holding on the table then stepped back and clasped his fingers on her desk Gu Pan raised his head and looked at the gentle stranger Alone Gu Pan immediately shook his head "I'm sorry I'm not alone I came with my husband" The man smiled kindly and sat down opposite her "Don't be so exclusive I just want to talk to you I won't do anything to you" Looking at his hand he understood in an instant a little dumbfounding needle valve manufacturer


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