Barbara Morris


Big women are constantly looking out for ways to put together a figure-flattering look. However, the proliferation of plus-sized models and clothing has changed the way people look at plump women. No longer are women on the heavy side required to wear loose clothing to hide the bulges. Instead, they are encouraged to embrace their body and look good in plus size clothing.

Many fashion boutiques, even online ones, now offer plus-sized versions of their regular line, so you can easily find casual dresses for fall in you size without having to wear ill-fitting clothes. Here are tips, though, to help you look chic in plus size clothes:

  • Create a balance.

You must aim towards achieving a balanced look. For instance, a boxy jacket is a good thing if you have a wide middle or full bust. You can also bring attention towards the shoulders and away from those parts you want to mask like full hips. Keep an overall silhouette that isn't bulky or emphasizing the full parts.

  • Use the right weight fabrics.

Unfortunately, very light materials can't hold much shape that you want and heavy fabric can only make you look heavier. The ideal fabric for people with a full figure is a medium-weight fabric that can still hold shape and help you strike the balance you need. Use flimsy material as a base garment, but add over it a layer that's medium weight to give you shape. Get away from heavy fabric so as not to look bulky. Check out fall dresses that are usually made with just the right materials.

  • Play with colors to make it work for your figure.

The use of color can be a powerful tool to get the look you want. For example, dark colors can make you look slimmer while the lighter counterpart can make you look even bigger. Use this trick to your advantage. Use those dark colors so as not to emphasize those areas that are fuller. Lighter shades can be used on those that are not as full. Colors say a lot about you and your personality; use them as you see fit. Combining colors is an effective strategy to feel light, happy and beautiful. Spring is all about colors, and the latest spring fashion trends may be just what you need.

  • Favor structured pieces.

Do not go with too much ruffles and such; these can make you look even bigger. Instead, go for those with simple cuts and clean lines. The structured look is much a part of 80's fashion trends. Ask your seamstress to make darts and cinches; seaming improves the fit that is perfect for curvy women. Empire cuts with cinches below the breast area is a good clothing choice.

  • Go for garments with good fit.

Most people with excess weight often go for loose clothing that make them look sloppy. Very tight clothes are not just uncomfortable; these are also too flab-revealing. The best outfits must have a good fit. Jackets must fit in the shoulder area and pants must be able to zip up with ease while fitting snuggly in the hips, waist and seat. Having a good seamstress who can make adjustments is very handy.

The layered look is a chic style that can go from casual to street fashion. You can get away from the risk of looking bulkier with the extra padding and fabric by adhering to these tips on layering. Lastly, take note that wearing layers is a great plus size fashion look and style to attain sophisticated and pulled-together appeal. 

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