Opening Up the Cloud with Crossplane

Opening Up the Cloud with Crossplane

Today, cloud computing is dominated by a few, vertically integrated commercial providers. In this talk, Bassam Tabbara, founder of the open-source Crossplane project and CEO of, discusses how the open-source community can tip the market towards a more open, horizontally-integrated cloud ecosystem.

Video of the presentation is here ttps://


Bassam Tabbara

November 18, 2019


  1. Opening Up the Cloud with Crossplane VIDEO is here

  2. Bassam Tabbara CEO & Founder of Upbound @bassamtabbara @bassam

  3. Hyper Clouds and COSS Companies from a technological perspective (not

  4. Console CLI Tools API Anatomy of a Hyper Cloud •

    Managed Services • Wrapped OSS • Proprietary • Control Plane & Core Services • Hosts Automation (Provisioning, Lifecycle Management ) • Authorization and Authentication • Metering and Billing • Monitoring and Logging • Closed Source and Proprietary • Full Integration w/ SLA • A single consistent API • Console, CLI, Tools Regions & Zones Control Plane Managed Services Marketplace
  5. A COSS Company’s Path to Cloud • Marketplace • Limited

    Integration • Limited Business Model • Limited Access to Customers • Managed Service • Layers on Hyper Clouds • Separate Control Plane, API, Automation, CLI, Console, Tools • Separate Authentication, Billing, Metering • “Cloud of One” • Repeat for every Hyper Cloud
  6. Heterogeneity • Adoption Friction • New vendor setup • Custom

    Automation • Security and Compliance • Monitoring Integration • Logging Integration • Education and Training • Partial Solutions • Infrastructure Automation Tools • Run everything on Kubernetes • Closed or Vendor-Driven Solutions
  7. Integration Hurdle Good Enough Services Vertically Integrated Best of Breed

    Services Custom Integration
  8. Universal Control Plane • Standardized API • Standardized Automation •

    Provisioning • Lifecyle Management • Service to Service Integration • First Class Extensibility • Shared Services • Billing and Metering • Authorization and Authentication • Monitoring • Logging • OSS and Community Driven
  9. The Open Source Multicloud Control Plane • Launched in Dec’18

    • Open Source and Community-Driven • Declarative API based on the Kubernetes API • One Control Plane - Multiple Clusters, Regions, or Clouds • Host for Automation (Provisioning or Full Lifecycle) • A strong separation of concerns • Built with high levels of extensibility • Advanced workload scheduling
  10. Deploying GitLab with Crossplane • Kubernetes • 50+ micro services

    • PostgreSQL • Redis • Object Storage On-Premises
  11. Opening up the Cloud

  12. Towards Horizontal Integration Infrastructure Platform Applications Runtimes Containers VMs Functions

    Infrastructure Platform Applications Runtimes
  13. It Takes a Village • Join our Community •

    • • @crossplane_io • • Crossplane v0.5 Released • GitOps support • AWS, Azure, and GCP out of tree • Improved Networking
  14. None