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Crossplane at the Crossroads

Crossplane at the Crossroads

Crossplane Community Day May 4th - Keynote


Bassam Tabbara

May 04, 2021


  1. Founder & CEO, Upbound Co-creator of Crossplane Crossplane at the

    Crossroads Bassam Tabbara May 4th, 2021
  2. Welcome Europe – May 4th, 2021 Crossplane Community Day #crossplaneday

  3. New Operating Model Strong Ecosystem Community-Driven Open Source Why Did

    Kubernetes Win?
  4. Kubernetes - A New Operating Model Provision Scale Monitor Upgrade

    Failover Day 1 Day 2 Platform Teams App Teams API
  5. Crossplane – K8S Operating Model for Everything Scale Monitor Upgrade

    Failover Day 2 Provision Day 1 Platform Teams App Teams API
  6. Infrastructure As Code (Terraform, Ansible, Chef ) Scripting Control Plane

    K8s + Crossplane Imperative Configuration + Declarative Configuration + Configuration Management + Provisioning 1990’s 2000’s Beyond Infrastructure as Code 2020’s $_ <IaC> + Declarative API + Self-Service + Full Automation
  7. KRM Uniform Declarative Metadata Asynchronous Controllers Authorization Policy Admission Control

    Audit Logging Crossplane Resource Model XRM External Naming and Identity Cross Resource References Connection Secrets Composition Package Manager
  8. Ecosystem

  9. Conformance Program For Distributions and Providers Apply Today

  10. Community 3,300+ Stars on Github 30M Container Pulls 2500+ Followers

    on Twitter 2000+ Slack Members
  11. INCUBATING PROJECT github.com/cncf/toc/pull/620

  12. We are the creators of open source Crossplane - the

    modern, cloud-native alternative to Infrastructure as Code. Our mission is to enable a new era of infrastructure management that is automated, reliable, efficient and empowers application teams to self-service and deliver software faster, accelerating innovation. Join us or learn more by visiting www.upbound.io
  13. Thank you @bassamtabbara bassam@upbound.io slack.crossplane.io upbound.io Contact me