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we is India's biggest video gaming business that addresses the total worth chain from Electronic Video gaming. With presently 10 million signed up players, we is not just the biggest laid-back video gaming websites in the nation however among the leading laid-back video gaming websites on the planet. According to a current study on a typical an individual invests regarding 21 mins on we, which is method more than the standard time one invests in any video gaming site.

Along with the over we has a wap website called which is world's very first Multiplayer system for include phones. This provides over 1200 totally free video games and takes pride in over 2 million distinct site visitors each month. we is associated to the mobile social neighborhood centre due to its big home entertainment, video gaming and various other offerings.

Blackeyedsusanspress.com functions carefully with the majority of the prominent worldwide video gaming and home entertainment gamers such as Microsoft, Popcap, Boonty, Playfirst, Global Workshops, Shanda, Animation Network, THQ, iPlay, Hands-On and so on.

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