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One thing we can agree on is that high-speed internet can cost a lot of money. The average person in 2018 now pays around $ 50 per month for internet connections. Did you know that 10 years ago was only ten dollars? If you are interested in finding ways to save money, then you might be interested in learning how to save your monthly internet bills or completely eliminate them. Believe it or not, there are actually some hacks that we found that can make free internet. And, they are all 100% legal ways to do it.

How to Get Free High Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčInternet
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Well, there's no need to search anymore. Here are the best ways to get free or cheap internet access in your home or while traveling:

1. FreedomPop

This is one of the cheapest plans for people who want to access the internet legally for free. How does it work?

FreedomPop sends you a wireless router that can be used as an access point. When you want to use the internet, you turn on the device, and you can access the internet, wherever you are. To get the device, FreedomPop will take a small deposit for it, which is returned to you, if you return the device back in a year. If you decide to continue using their services, however, for more than a year, they will save deposit money, and consider it as a payment for their wireless router.

They give you 500 megabytes of free data every month, which is quite generous if you are looking for light internet browsing. If you need more data, you can subscribe to one of their paid packages, which is still quite cheap, for the amount of data they provide, compared to other internet service providers.

2. NetZero

If you still have a telephone line, NetZero will help you enter the Internet for free. Even though it still uses dial up technology , this is a great way to connect without having to spend a lot of money. Well, NetZero limits your internet usage to 10 hours per month, which might be good for light browsing. If you are not satisfied with the limitations of a free package, NetZero offers you a paid plan, which once again, costs quite a bit when compared to other Internet Service Providers. Although dial-up is a fairly old technology, with lower data speeds compared to current fiber optic technology, it's still a great way to connect to the internet without any price.

3. WifiMap

WifiMap is an application that works on smartphones and serves as a database of all free Wi-fi points on planet Earth. It operates on most continents, which is great for when you travel. The free version of this application is limited to a radius of about 2.5 kilometers, which might be practical because the Wi-fi range is very limited.

There is also another feature, which gives you passwords given by users to several password-protected Wi-Fi hotspots in return for watching some ads in the application. This is not something the Wi-Fi hotspot owner wants, but it's still there just in case you need it.

4. Wifi Spot Free

Another option for you is to find a location that offers free Wifi Internet access. You can do this by checking the Free Wifi Spot. This site makes it easy to find free Wifi locations in any state or country you are in and shows a very complete list so you have to search nearby.

5. Check with your current ISP for any free plans

Your ISP may have a low-cost plan for you to access the internet, or a package agreement, where you get free internet in exchange for telephone and TV services. It's not a bad idea to contact them and get details about the offer. Most super cheap bundle packages and packages are not advertised, and will not be found if you do not specifically request it.

In summary, your best choice is FreedomPop if you really want free Internet in your home. If you experience this then you should have found at least one option that will work for you if you really want to save on your internet bills.

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