Blue World City


Blue World City Islamabad is a luxury-borne residential community that has been exclusively funded by the Blue Group of Companies in collaboration with the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China. The investors of the housing society signed an MOU earlier this year with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China for the construction and development of this housing society. The purpose is to make the project a huge real estate initiative that will result in a fascinating Pak-China friendly community.
With its impressive range of facilities and amenities for residents, the blue world city plans to become one of the finest residential hubs in the area. The lavish housing community also includes a splendid overseas block for foreigners, especially Chinese who wish to stay in Pakistan and prefer luxury accommodation.

Significant Features of Blue World City

Inspired from Chinese Architecture, Blue World City will be built as a marvel of Chinese heritage and architecture using local and Chinese development expertise. Blue World City is a state-of-the-art project designed to meet the global standards of luxurious living.
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The aim of this project is to build a housing society to cater to the residential and commercial needs of an expected 2 million Chinese residents after the completion of CPEC route. Also, it is a golden opportunity for investment considering its location and commercial value due to the affiliation with the CPEC route.
Following are some highlights and salient features of Blue World City that make it a luxurious society, ensuring maintenance and living style of international standards.
Electricity Power Plant
While living in Blue World City, you will not have to face the trouble of load shedding. A very own electric power plant will be installed in the society in order to create it a load-shedding free society. This key feature will ensure a productive housing society.
Sports Area
A sports complex will be constructed in the Blue Word City in order to promote cultural diversity and extracurricular activities with a multi-functional sports complex.
Sewerage System
To ensure a clean and hygienic society, there will be a proper sewerage system installed in it. The sewerage system is designed to ensure an eco-friendly disposal system. You can check the payment plan by clicking at Blue World City Payment plan

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